Dear Brett: See You In September

Sammy SucuSenior Analyst IApril 30, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 24:  Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings warms up against the New Orleans Saints during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisiana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints won 31-28 in overtime.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

If these past two weeks was an indication of anything, it's that Brett Favre will come back to play for the Vikings next season. The news about his ankle today pretty much put's the icing on the cake. Favre has been trying to escape OTA's and Training Camp every summer, and he has been successful these past four years, I don't see a reason why he would need to attend them this summer. Brett Favre's crutch last year was his shoulder, now this year it is his ankle. 

You may be asking, how were these past two weeks an indication of Brett coming back? Let's start off with the NFL schedule release. The Vikings will be playing Brett's former team the New York Jets, in New York. What does Brett Favre love more than anything? Drama, and media attention, and guess where he will get his fix in, in New York against the Jets. The Vikings also travel to Green Bay before playing the Packers at home, which means the Vikings won't be hit with any bad weather conditions in Green Bay. Last year people said Brett was terrible in cold winter games in December, this year the Vikings are going to play one cold outdoor game against the always enigmatic Philadelphia Eagles. And don't one on national television against the team that broke all of the Vikings nations hearts, the Saints. Favre said he, "Felt this sense of belonging with the Vikings, and that is why the decision is so hard", well Brett if you want to etch your name into Vikings history, come back let's take the Saints, Jets, Packers, and the NFL down, then ride off into the sunset. 

The NFL draft has also come and gone, and with the 34th selection the vikings select..Chris Cook. A quarterback? Nope. 2nd round the Vikings select..Toby Gerhart. A quarterback? Nope. 4th round the Vikings select.. Everson Griffen. A quarterback? Nope. You see where I am going here, the Vikings did not select a quarterback for the future, why? Maybe because they weren't worthy, but I believe it was because the media would have been all over the pick, and it would've annoyed Favre and the Vikings. 

Now the Vikings have no quarterback in the waiting, and a eye popping schedule, that should see more than eight to nine nationally televised games, now if your Brett Favre, and you are really driven around media attention, are you coming back for another season? Or are you going to sit at home and regret not playing for the Vikings. 


The choice is yours....