Is Martha Hart Hurting Owens Memory 11 Years Later? Remembering Owen.

kristofer baldwinContributor IApril 30, 2010

     There are two tragic events that occurred in the sports/sports entertainment world that will forever be emblazoned in my mind. One was watching the 2001 Daytona 500 accident that claimed the life of racing legend Dale Earnhardt. The second is the Over Edge pay per view on May 23, 1999 that took a young talented man away from us far too early. That man was none other than Owen Hart. We are quickly coming upon the eleventh anniversary of Owen's tragic death, and with the May WWE pay per view similarly entitled Over the Limit taking place in my neck of the woods, Detroit Michigan, I thought taking a minute to remember a legend was in order for my first article. I also thought that as a licensed funeral director and a bachelors degree in mortuary science I might have a different perspective on why I believe Martha Hart, Owen's widow, is struggling with what is known as complicated grief and how I believe, in turn, she is hurting Owen's memory.

     Now before you think I am cold and uncaring let me give you some background. I to experienced tragedy in my life. On December 29th, 1993 my brother was working on his truck to move from Detroit to Florida with his girlfriend to buy a house. While underneath his vehicle tinkering with the transmission his truck somehow slipped into reverse and backed over him compressing his chest and killing him. My brother was only 27 years old. I was 18 at the time and my dad was an abusive drunk that was not in my life, so my brother was everything to me, hero, father figure and mentor. Nothing takes the pain away, you just learn to live with it, so I sympathize with Martha, especially embalming families' loved ones and preparing them for final diposition for a living for five years.

     It has been almost 11 years now and wrestling fans have been screaming to have Owen inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, myself included. He should have gone in with his dad this year, but it did not happen. Upon my research I have read that Martha Hart does not want Owen used in the WWE at all, let alone be put in the Hall of Fame. Yes we all know the stories, that Owen hated the direction of the Attitude Era and the sexed up storylines, and I have read the dispicable things Martha put in her book about wrestlers, wrestling and its fans. However, it certainly was good enough to put food on her table and build her dream house. This is what Owen did and this is what people all over the world loved him for. So I don't understand why his fans can't see him get the credit he deserves. Attention Martha, Capernicus called and it turns out you're not the center of the universe.

     In mortuary school I took psychology classes on death and dying and one thing we learned about is complicated grief. Everybody grieves differently and there is no time frame on how long you should mourn a loss, however, after a year or two one should start to try to move forward, obviously Bret "The Hitman" Hart has. It is said that resolution is when you can look back on the memories of someone and smile as apposed to losing it in a sea of tears. Martha Hart still seems bitter, as she should be, to an extent. However she should allow people who enjoyed being entertained by Owen to have their chance to put things in place and move on. Owen deserves more than to be another forgotten wrestler to future generations because Martha can't move past her anger. Martha Hart is currently completeing her PhD in social and developmental psychology so she of all people should get this stuff. Doesn't Owen's kids deserve to see how many people loved and adored their father? Would it somehow hurt your memories? should his life's work just be forgotten because you have a wild hair up your ass about the wrestling industry? I think it is owed to Owen to have the business he lost his life to be allowed to give him the accolades he desrves. If your worried about Vince trying to make money off him then demand the proceeds made off Owen's name go to the Owen Hart Foundation, the charity she started in Owen's memory.

     On a final note I wonder if Owen would be the legend he is today had he not died? I honestly think Vince would have kept him buried at midcard level and eventually pushed him out or treated him like a whipping boy to vent his anger at Bret for jumping ship and for Owen refusing the Jeff Jarret/Debra storyline, but that is me. I have seen many skilled wrestlers get poor endorsement at the hands of WWE's questionable writing, i.e. Matt Hardy. And to lighten a heavy article, if and when they start selling that shirt Bret Hart has been wearing with him and Owen on it, and I seen R-Truth wearing it the other night, I will be the first one ordering that one absolutely,

     If you read this please be kind, afterall, it's my first article. Let me know your thoughts and comments or flaws in my logic. And remember,

                                       I AM NOT A NUGGET DAMMIT!!!