Dear Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo: Please Just Go Away Already

Max KienzlerAnalyst IApril 30, 2010

CHICAGO - AUGUST 26:  General Manager Jerry Angelo of the Chicago Bears looks on prior to the game against the Buffalo Bills on August 26, 2005 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois.  The Bears defeated the Bills 16-12.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Dear Jerry Angelo,

You are an idiot.

I am sorry, but your recent decisions regarding the Chicago Bears safety issues is just ridiculous.

First, the simple fact that you traded Chris Harris to the Panthers for a fifth-round pick three seasons ago and then turn around and trade for him back this past week in exchange for a reserve linebacker (and pretty decent player) in Jamar Williams just confuses me.

Now, Chris Harris is a safety and the Bears are in desperate need of safety help.

But the simple fact that you traded away Harris for a fifth-round pick... A FIFTH-ROUND PICK. But now, to gain him back, you are trading a back up linebacker who recorded 18 tackles in a single game last year when he filled in. Do you not see a discrepancy in this?

I mean, maybe there should be some props given because you admit that trading him might have been an error. But come on. It was a dumb move then, and it hasn't gotten any smarter because Harris has been having some knee problems.

It is trades like this that anger me. We could have had Chris Harris in the defensive backfield for the past couple seasons (In the past three season, Harris has recorded 12 forced fumbles and 5 interceptions... two of those fumbles were against Greg Olsen when the Bears lost to the Panthers in 2008), but Jerry decided he wanted draft picks more.

And even if you could argue that bringing in Harris was smart, rumor had it that he was going to be released anyway to clear some cap space for the Panthers and to rid the team of some aging players, so theoretically you could have gotten him for free.

Not to mention that instead of gathering as many safeties as you can so that the Bears could have an open competition and let the best players start, you, Jerry, went and traded safety Kevin Payne to the St. Louis Rams.

I am so confused. The Bears traded Payne for a conditional...repeat CONDITIONAL seventh-round pick. So if Payne makes the Rams' roster, then the Bears get a late seventh-round pick...Awesome.

I mean so many of the Bears seventh-round picks have been successful the past few seasons. I mean in 2007 there was Aaron Bryant and Trumaine McBride...oh wait, neither of them are still on the team.

But in 2008 there was Ervin Baldwin, Joey LaRocque, Chester Adams, Kirk Barton and Marcus Monk...Hmm, none of them are on the team either.

Well, last season the Bears took Lance Louis and Derek Kinder, and Louis is still on the practice squad. That counts, right?

Plus, I can totally see where both Craig Steltz and Josh Bullocks played better than Payne last season. Oh wait, they didn't, so what gives?

And no offense to the rest, but putting my faith in those two plus Chris Harris (knee trouble) Danieal Manning (just can't play safety) Al Afalava (young but unproven) and Major Wright (third round pick) just isn't confidence inspiring.

So Jerry, listen. Let's just admit that you have no clue what you are actually doing as the General Manager and you go away.

The only silver lining to this season, if the Bears do not succeed, is that Bear fans can hope and pray that you follow Lovie Smith right out the door before you can do even more damage.