WWE: Why Is Edge Interfering in Matches and Attacking Randy Orton?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IApril 29, 2010

After a great pay-per-view event, ER, last night's RAW was just as good. The heavyweight champ, John Cena was more or less the general manager for the night.

At the start of the show, Sheamus came out, grabbed a mic and proceeded to tell the champ that he was going to go for his belt.

Randy Orton made his way down to the ring to the sounds of his entrance theme to confront the Celtic Warrior. They are the same in ways and yet different in others.

Now in the middle of their yakking, Batista decided to come out with the spotlight directly on him. He said the attention should be on him only.

We had three main headliners in the ring at the same time, all thinking they should be the new number one contender to face the champ, Cena, for the belt.

This got interesting. John Cena came out, yet again, to settle the arguement that was errupting in the ring.

He decided that if they all think that they are entitled to be the number one contender to fight for the belt, then they would have to go against each other

It was then, at that moment, that a Triple Threat match was etched in stone. It was to happen that same night.

I thought to myself, "Now, we're getting somewhere."

The WWE was going to rock that night. The contenders were headliners, and you know this was a do or die match.

Here we have the "ghost" Sheamus, that took the belt from Cena, and it seems with him and Batista, this has come full circle.

Batista, known as the Animal, lost the belt to Cena at WrestleMania XXVI. According to Batista, it was a fluke. He said, "John knows he can't beat me".

Then what do you call what John did to Batista at ER? Was that a fluke too? I don't think so. Batista has been beaten before by more than just Cena.

Last but not least, Randy K. Orton, is known as the Viper. My name for him is the "Psychotic Viper"

Main event time, all participants were in the ring and ready to battle. The war started and they were brawling, battling and trying to pin each other to be that number one contender.

All this to get a chance to face Cena and win the biggest prize of all, the Heavyweight Championship belt-the most coveted prize in pro wrestling.

There were many near pinfalls from all three superstars. The WWE Universe screamed and hollered each time they thought there was going to be a winner.

At the end of the match, Orton gave Sheamus the RKO and Batista was nearly knocked out on the ring mat. He got up and Edge ran into the ring and speared Randy.

Batista was near Randy on the mat, he reached out to Orton and draped his arm over him to win the match. Orton was screwed out of the chance of meeting Cena for the belt.

My question is this, why did Edge interfere in the match and spear Randy? What was the cause of him doing that? Is he turning heel, or does he want to eliminate the competition so he can have a title shot in the future?

That doesn't make sense because he could face the winner.

I really need to know why he did it. The fans were behind him because he wasn't like the old Edge.

That right there may be the answer to my questions. He makes a better heel than a face. The ratings will most likely be higher, and that's what it's all about.

Well my friends and future fans, goodnight and thank you for reading this.