Pete Carroll's Plan for Taylor Mays Look-a-Like Kam Chancellor

Bubba GillContributor IApril 29, 2010

With the 133rd pick in the draft the Seattle Seahawks selected safety Kam Chancellor.

Here are the comparisons of Taylor Mays and Kam Chancellor.

The Virginia Tech safety was the "rover" defensive back for the Hokies. He has six career interceptions and 207 tackles in his four-year career. Mays was the roving safety for USC; he had five career interceptions and 286 tackles.

Mays and Chancellor are 6'3" and both are in the 230-pound range. Both are known for the punishing hits.

The difference is that Chancellor's 40 time was 4.60 and Mays was in the 4.43 range.

Chancellor doesn't have the straight line speed that Mays possesses but Chancellor does play with better angles and actually looks for the ball in the air. Chancellor just doesn't have the hands for the big interceptions.

So does Carroll need a punishing safety in the secondary for his defense to work? The answer is yes.

Carroll's 4-3 under defense requires man-to-man with the corners (Trufant, Wilson) and a free safety that has natural instincts and ball hawking skills (Earl Thomas). The last phase of the defense comes down to the strong safety.

The strong safety must provide adequate protection in the deep middle of the field. He must possess above average tackling skill and be decent in man-to-man and zone coverage.

Does Kam Chancellor have one or all of these skills? He does possess great tackling skills, and can be taught to be decent in both coverages.

Check him out here.