Andre Sims Accepts Offer from Michigan State

Nick MordowanecCorrespondent IApril 29, 2010

While he is only a junior wide receiver in high school, Andre Sims has decided to accept a scholarship offer from Michigan State.

The young man from Georgia almost exclusively played wide receiver in high school, although the Spartans recruited him almost solely based on his cover skills in the defensive secondary. Sims was invited to camps by both Virginia Tech and LSU—he has even already paid for the LSU camp—but he is excited about being part of the green and white.

"It really didn't kick in until about two days later," Sims said of committing. "Then I just thought about being a Spartan and started wearing all their stuff."

Sims had a stellar junior season catching the football, hauling in 57 catches for 915 yards and 9 touchdowns at Brookwood High School.

Sims, standing at 5-foot-9 and weighing 170 pounds, still has another year and a half to bulk up so he can get more physical—an attribute in which the Big Ten is renowned for. He is also a coach’s dream.

"I know that he's an outstanding kid as far as his leadership skills," Brookwood coach Mark Crews said. "He influences a lot of other guys on the team to be good kids too.

"He's a brave receiver. We run tunnel screens and dig routes across the middle and he runs them just like he does outs and curls. He's kind of fearless and just very agile."

Sims joins a 2011 class which already consists of running back Onaje Miller (Sexton), quarterback Connor Cook (Ohio), defensive back Taiwan Jones (Anchor Bay High) and linebacker Lawrence Thomas (Detroit Renaissance).

The future continues to get brighter each and every year for the Spartans, truly signifying why superior recruiting is the key to winning championships. Now all the program has to do is put all of its pieces together and make a run.



Source: Dan Kilbridge of the Lansing State Journal

Photo: Atlanta Journal of Constitution