Wolfpack Nation Rejoices with the Re-Commitment of C.J. Leslie to NC State

Allen LoppCorrespondent IApril 29, 2010

C.J. Leslie recently announced that he was re-committing to NC State, and with his re-commitment the entire Wolfpack nation can now breath a sigh of relief.

Leslie, a product of Raleigh, N.C., is one of the elite athletes in all of high school sports, and he was sought after by almost every college basketball program in the nation.

Leslie can play underneath the basket, along with playing away from the basket. He has extremely good ball handling skills for a big man, and he is a fantastic finisher. 

He does need to improve on his defense and his post moves some more, but good for him, as he will be working alongside Tracy Smith.

The N.C. State Wolfpack will be greatly improved with his arrival, along with friend and fellow Wolfpack recruit Ryan Harrow and Lorenzo Brown.

The Wolfpack will also be much deeper at almost every position, and the only real problem I can foresee could be team chemistry.

Many people write off team chemistry, but I believe that, no matter who plays, if players on a team don't like each other, they will not be able to play well together.

I still don't foresee team chemistry being an issue, as many of this player have played together or are friends off the court.

My projected lineup for the Wolfpack next year is this: 

Point Guard: Ryan Harrow, Javier Gonzalez

Shooting Guard: Lorenzo Brown, Scott Wood

Small Forward/Wing: Josh Davis, Tashawn Mabry (maybe), C.J. Williams, Johnny Thomas

Power Forward: C.J. Leslie, Richard Howell

Center/Forward: Tracy Smith, Deshawn Painter, Jordan Vandenburg

You may have done a double-take, saying, "Hold on, didn't Tracy Smith declare for the NBA draft?"

You are right; he did, but he didn't hire an agent, so he can come back, which is what I believe he will do.

As good as he is, Smith is undersized, and when faced with the bigger defenders in the conference, he was less effective. He also is not a great rebounder, and many times he found himself in foul trouble.

I think all of those things will prevent him from going pro a year early.

Overall, Leslie will have a big impact on the Wolfpack program, for maybe even years to come.