Which First-Round Pick Will Make the Pro Bowl First?

Enlai PensadoContributor IApril 29, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - JANUARY 31:  Justin Smith #94 of the NFC lines up at the line of scrimmage during the 2010 AFC-NFC Pro Bowl game at Sun Life Stadium on January 31, 2010 in Miami Gardens, Florida. The AFC defeated the NFC 41-34. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
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Hello NFL fans.

Today as anyone among the hordes of NFL maniacs, I was lurking in the web for something else of the enormous quantity of data around NFL Draft and other off-season topics.

Aside of the pretty nasty situation of Dolphins GM apologizing for using the worst words while interviewing Dez Bryant, some Draft Grades and classic off-season news on several teams clamming upgraded while rejoicing on their draft picks, there was a small space on Miami Herald that got my attention, it was a small web vote, asking:

Which one of these 2010 first-round picks from Florida schools will make the Pro Bowl first?

CB Joe Haden (UF, Browns) 354
DE Jason Pierre-Paul (USF, Giants) 290
C Maurkice Pouncey (UF, Steelers) 245
CB Patrick Robinson (FSU, Saints) 82
QB Tim Tebow (UF, Broncos) 258
Total Votes:  1229

Its results are no sense by themselves, but it was interesting to analyze current appreciation on how effective a draft selection will be on long term. Also it makes me remember a TV show arguing on what player has more value to pick. This guys warmed up defending very poor statements like having "deeper data" on such thing or knowing what this guy can produce, or that this player-coach relation will work.

Well, as today, nobody is sure on how to grade the 2009 NFL draft, as there's a chance that someone among last year's draftees might be an impact on 2010 or beyond. 

But without warranties on a bunch of players after one year of exhibition, there are hundreds of draft grades every where in the net. So unless you can be sure that any of those grades were done by an excellent fortune-teller, it's insane to trust them and all i could add on this is that they include very interesting data on the way some of this player were selected.

Let's start by saying that almost every team got a draft need that wasn't covered or at least it looks uncovered according to draft graders. This means all teams have "secret plans", like using somebody on their roster other option is they are working on an upcoming trade, and the final option is they're waiting to recollect post-draft cuts.

I mean Dolphins are moving Randy Starks to NT, while Raiders traded for Jason Campbell and Cardinals got Alan Faneca after being cut. So these teams are reacting to draft situations and bettering their roster with less risk than using millions on an unproven young guy.

But many of those young guys enter this league within excellent environment and perhaps on the most adequate conditions to develop, while others get in teams asking them to be the saviors of the franchise without experience and not much help.

I can see the role desired for some players, specially on early rounds (1st to 3rd rounds) normally closer to start than players picked later.

So that said, this is my top list of who will impact earlier on the league:

  1. OT Anthony Davis & G Mike Iupati. Both 49ers' first-round draftees will suffer the first half of the season in order to synchronize with the rest of the O-line, but they are solidifying a well-balanced attack that will make everyone suffer. Those guys could become Pro-bowlers before 2012.
  2. TE Rob Gronkowski & WR Taylor Price. Let's pretend they got the chance to select their passer and I figure their top 3 names include Tom Brady. The Patriots are rejuvenating their offense and this guys are destined to excel in this decade.
  3. CB Saints' Patrick Robinson. When you enter into a roster plagued with talent, there's a huge chance your job is easier. So as part of secondary defense, where a strong front seven is always pushing over the passer, Robinson should have an easier job. No other defensive back in this class gets into a mix of good defense and dominant attack, so Robinson should have options to put big stats after adapting for year or two.
  4. DT Ndamukong Suh. Huge demolition instrument that will improve chances of the Lions to become playoff runners. This improvement will lead to have more help during 2011 & 2012 off-seasons and there's a huge chance that Detroit gets the missing piece to be contender, building a solid defense around Suh.
  5. DT Jarred Odrick. This guy taken late in the first round is the steal of the draft, because he's a 3 down monster and his technique will better with practice and play time at this level. With some help of his teammates he should impact since his very first season, making him a candidate for pro-bowl and i believe he'll make it in the near future.
  6. NT Terrence Cody. This guy will suffer because his teammates will make him work as slave at gym and at practices. Every single day. But those teammates will make him an instant impact and will better him in his first years of pro. Expect him to be a pro bowler representing the Ravens within the next seasons if he keeps a good work ethic.

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