The Art of Marking Out

Ichigo StarfishCorrespondent IApril 29, 2010

One of the most maligned names in the Wrestling World, other than Vince Russo, is “Mark.”


It’s the place where most Wrestling fans start from yet, it's still looked down upon by a certain type of fan.


So, what's so wrong with a little emotional involvement once in a while?


Most Wrestling fans will remember a time when we actually thought the Ultimate Warrior was a great Wrestler. We might even recall passionately arguing in the playground that Kevin Nash would win because he was "bigger and stronger."


As kids we were all marks, not just enjoying the performances but believing in them, too.


Eventually, we got smart. Not only is Santa imaginary but Vince McMahon is omnipotent, at least in the Wrestling World, and we're all voyeurs to his big-man-dominates fantasies.


No wonder so many disengage.


I wonder, however, is it possible to be thrilled by the in-ring action without involving yourself emotionally?


Have individuals been so scarred by believing Wrestling wasn't "fake" as children that they now feel unable to open up emotionally?


And why have I turned into Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City all of a sudden?


Some of the greatest moments in Wrestling history have demanded mark-out responses.


Is it even possible to watch Eddie Guerrero and, at the time at least, Chris Benoit, winning their World title matches at Wrestlemania 20 without choking up a little? And if it is, what was the reason for watching it?


I understand the criticism of Marks, they are ludicrously biased, and I know that because I am one.


I can read about how Shelton Benjamin/Kane/John Morrison deserve a push and the little Mark angel on my shoulder nods her head.


At the same time the little logical angel on my other shoulder (who incidentally is a tiny little Lance Storm), tells me he’s too old or too limited or too weak on the mic.


I congratulate myself on my own objectiveness and smile smugly until someone mentions Christian and suddenly, I display all the decorum and restraint of a hungry Kamala trapped in a chicken coop.


Suddenly, Lance is being bitch-slapped by my Mark Angel (Ric Flair) and I’m demanding title reigns for the Captain.


Yes, I understand that the word “deserve” is meaningless within the WWE, and I know that others may see flaws in CC but I just can’t help it. Christian deserves gold.


It might make me look silly or naive, but I love marking out for Christian, and if I can’t see the truth, then I really don’t want to.


The IWC is often criticised for turning on Wrestlers once they become successful, the idea being that their support is superficial and easily won and lost.


I wonder if it isn’t perhaps a genuine search for the non “fake” element of Wrestling we all enjoyed as kids.


As much as I love Edge, his 10th World title win couldn’t hope to compare with the moment Matt Hardy were to win his first.


The first World title win for any Wrestler is arguably the most truly real moment of all, and it’s that moment of reality that I think we as marks crave.


Yes, we know it’s “fake” but sometimes it’s good to keep believing that it’s all real.


Thanks for reading, comments are always welcome, and I would like to know: Do you mark out often? Is there just one guy you mark for? Or is marking out a waste of time?