Could Cubs & Sox Help Each Other

Michael Gibbons@DachicagofanCorrespondent IIApril 29, 2010

CLEVELAND - APRIL 17:  CLEVELAND, OH- APRIL 17: Jake Peavy #44 of the Chicago White Sox pitches against the Cleveland Indians during the game on April 17, 2010 at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

I'm not going to claim this as my idea. I just read Jon Greenburg's piece on ESPN Chicago where he put the idea out there. Except he tried to be funny and throw it in as part of the new crosstown classic trophy. Memo to Jon you aren't funny and I'm not exactly sure who you are or how you got a job writing for ESPN. Besides this piece he also has a piece about the Bulls but I have a hard time reading about how big this offseason for the Bulls is for a guy who didn't bother showing up to game 4 at the UC on Sunday.

But back to the point Jon purposed the Cubs trade Carlos Zambrano to the soutside for Jake Peavy. I really wonder who gave him this idea?

This could work. Wouldn't Z go perfectly with Ozzie and wouldn't Jake love to return to the NL and getting a couple easy outs every time out while facing pitchers in the 9 spot. I purposed this to a Sox fan who said NO without even thinking but seriously think about it.

Both are 28. Zambrano was a late call up in 2001 but his first full season was 2002 just like Peavy. Both have struggled this season with Jake being 0-3 in 5 starts with an ERA approaching 8 whole Z was moved to the bullpen after 4 starts.

Carlos actually has a better record with 106 wins and 70 loses in 265 games with 242 starts with a 3.56 ERA. Jake has a record of 95-70 in 220 games all starts with a 3.36 ERA.

What about the money? Z is averaging 18.3 million a season on his current contract which will expire after the 2012 season. Peavy averages 13 million per season on his current contract but his contract gets more expensive each season leading up to his option for 2013 which would be worth 22 million.

Neither pitcher has ever won 20 games while Peavy did win a Cy young in 2007 while Z actually lead the league in wins in 2006 with 16.

This might make both sides of town happy. Didn't Peavy really want to come to the northside last season?And couldn't Z use a change? It's an idea what does everyone think.

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