WWE 2010: Outlook and Bold Predictions

Adam LindsayContributor IApril 29, 2010

With the Draft now behind us I think it is a good time to talk a little bit about what is in store for us the remainder of 2010. I will do a comprehensive outlook for RAW and then conclude with some other minor predictions. 

To begin with I will recap RAW's draft picks from the draft:Edge, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, and R-Truth. Obviously this was quite a haul for RAW especially considering that their roster was stacked to begin with. Like I said in a previous article, this is now a super show, RAW easily has the majority of the established stars (except for Mysterio and Undertaker) and is now ready to be unbeatable in what TNA hopes to be a rating battle. RAW may as well be a pay-per-view every night now with the kind of star power that is now on Monday nights and that is good for us fans.

But what is their in store for us? First, you have the WWE championship scene. It looks as though Edge, Randy Orton, Cena, Sheamus, and Batista are the main title picture as of right now. Batista however is planning on leaving (whether or not that happens remains to be seen) and so its unclear what exactly will happen. My prediction is that Edge will feud with Randy until eventually Randy wins and gets a WWE championship match. By that time Cena will have been defeated by a heel probably Jericho or Sheamus and Randy can win and have a face title reign. 

As far as the RAW mid card goes Daniel Bryan should win NXT and then the title off of Miz and thereby getting Miz ready to feud with Daniel Bryan. The tag team titles should stay on the Hart Dynasty for the remainder of the year or at least until a more credible tag team division can be grown. Lastly, Ted Dibiase has been rumored to be starting a stable with his brother, this could be HUGE as it could lead to an awesome storyline. All in all RAW looks to be very very entertaining and should help to recapture what WWE used to be at least in a storyline sense.

Other Bold Predictions:

-Jericho will go face before the end of they year.

-By the end of the year Randy Orton will be the biggest start on RAW

-Sheamus will get at least one more title run before the end of the year

-John Morrison will not win a match against anyone better than a lower mid carder for the remainder of the year (think about it, he loses all the time now)

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