"Those With Glass Chins, Shouldn't Throw Stones"

Dustin KimbrellContributor IApril 29, 2010

Next Saturday night, UFC 113 will be the next PPV installment of the Ultimate Fighting

Championship. There are many great fights on this card, but the most anticipated

fight has got be the bout between British Slugger Paul Daley and the always mouthy

Josh Koscheck. The ol' Wrestler Vs Striker matchup, it doesn't get more interesting

than this. Koscheck has shown some improved standup, with KO/TKO victories over

Frank Trigg and Yoshiyuki Yoshida, but sorry Kos, neither of those guys really have the

punching power or standup game of Paul Daley. Koscheck has only been stopped once

in his brilliant MMA career so far, by a man by the name of Paulo Thiago. Thiago is not

really known for his punching power, in fact, Koscheck was the victim of Thiago's first

career KO! Does Kos have a weak chin? I honestly couldn't tell you. Anthony Johnson

couldn't knock him out in the "dirtiest fight" of the year and Johnson may have some of

the heaviest hands in the WW class. Daley on the other hand, has never been KO'ed.

Can Kos's newly found striking be the first to lay out the Brash Brit? Kos sure thinks he

can do it, but I'm not so sure... Kos wants to stand and exchange (or so he says), 

Daley has got some heavy hands! If he connects with one solid shot, it very well

could mean lights out for Koscheck as he stares up at the ceiling flat on the canvas. If

Kos decides to take the fight to the mat, there's no doubt he can take it there, the

man is a very superb wrestler, maybe second only to GSP in the WW division. I

personally hope they stand and slug it out. It would make for a much more entertaining

matchup that way,considering the lack of wrestling we saw from another Team Rough

House fighter back on March 27th, but I can't see Kos keeping his poise and staying on

his feet, he needs to get to the mat asap! Once he feels the left hook of Daley, he'll

wish he never stood up. Guess we'll have to wait until next Saturday to see what

happens. Standup fight, and my money is all on Paul Daley, if it hits the ground, KOS

will more than likely pull it off.

“His ground and pound is crap. If he grounded and pounded me in my sleep he’d barely have enough power in his punches to wake me up.  His subs are based on his strength; the technique is almost non-existent. He’s a good athlete and is strong, but I am so much stronger. I’m a different species than him. His subs just won’t work on me. 

" Those with glass chins, shouldn't throw stones"- Paul Daley

"He’s a d**k. He wants to be a superstar, but the problem for Koscheck is… nobody likes him. You have to have the ability or you have to be liked to be a superstar. Koscheck has neither.”  

The trashtalk of Paul Daley has got me amped for this fight, as well as his other two

previous fights inside the octagon. I sure hope he stays around for awhile!



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