One Flaw with the Michigan State Spartans' New Uniforms

Nick MordowanecCorrespondent IApril 11, 2017

I’ve had a few days to think about and react to the Michigan State Spartan’s new uniforms. And let me tell you, I’m actually pretty pleased.

Most of the changes made have been magnified more than they should. Since Nike played a major role in the revision of the beloved Spartan uniforms, everyone knew there would be a few new changes.

One change darkened the green color in uniforms for each sport. It actually looks better and further instills the notion that the Spartans are the most notable “green” college in the country. I mean, the school’s motto is “Go green, go white!”

Another change added an alternate football jersey to the program’s repertoire. The jersey has a mostly green color, although the shoulder pads and sleeves are all white. It is still relatively unclear when the alternate jerseys would be used, but I think most fans agree they are happy the all-green tops are still one of the two main uniforms.

See, I’m pretty open to new things. I tend to embrace changes if they can deliver a more promising existence. Being a huge sports fan, I always tend to be a bit hesitant when it comes to change. I’m glad the modifications made to the uniforms weren’t too dramatic.

Well, that’s true except for one little thing: getting rid of the whole “State” moniker.

The university, in my estimation, was talked into it by Nike, but also liked the idea of focusing more on the “Spartans” label because, well, not a whole lot of D-I teams are called that. They probably wanted to focus on that because a lot of schools have “State” at the end of their names.

But let’s be honest. When someone asks “Did you see State play?” I tend to immediately think of Michigan State. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life, or maybe I am biased because I attend the university. Even schools like Ohio State don’t just go by the one name, and I have a hard time believing “State” refers to Oregon State or Boise State.

My main concern with the switch is the university is pushing towards an era where the Spartan head becomes the most visually resonating symbol of the university, rather than the block “S.” I love the Spartan head—and it is featured on the football helmets and the waist of the basketball shorts—but the block “S” screams Spartans.

The center of the basketball and football fields also have big renditions of the block “S,” and there has been an enormous amount of athletes who have played at Michigan State and kissed the “S” on the hardwood in their last home game. It holds a special place in their hearts, and also in mine.

The only thing worse than ignoring the “S,” along with the “State” moniker, would be to forget them both altogether, because they represent so much. I guess time—and merchandise sales—will tell.