The WWE Draft 2010: One-Sided For a Reason

Adam LindsayContributor IApril 28, 2010

In my initial browsing of Bleacher Report on this post-draft tuesday I have seen a lot of articles and comments that are complaining about the one-sidedness of the WWE Draft. While I myself laughed at first at the obvious attempt by WWE to load Monday Night RAW, I thought about it a little further and I actually would like to applaud WWE for what they are about to do.

To begin with let's look at the major moves of the night: RAW got two main eventers and two upper mid carders with a load of potential while Smackdown got a pseudo-main eventer, an upper mid carder, a mid carder, and Kelly Kelly. Obviously this is one sided as you have literally taken all that Smackdown has except Undertaker and left them with a wholly unproven roster.

This is the point at which most people get angry over the way WWE has drafted away the Smackdown! roster.

I want to mention the two reasons why we as fans should in fact be happy about this draft especially as TNA is attempting to defeat RAW in the ratings. First, WWE has now loaded the RAW roster to the point where their ratings will be fantastic, or at least should be as you now have this ultimate show that fans will be clamoring to watch as every feud will be loaded with talent.

Secondly, Smackdown now has a wide open main event scene seeing as Undertaker is on hiatus until Summerslam (probably). There are only two people who can be considered legitimate (as in they have been pushed before) challengers and they are Rey Mysterio and Big Show. That isn't very much and so you will now be forced to grow new main eventers. My two picks for this are Christian and Kofi Kingston because they have at least been pushed a little. So those of you that bash WWE for not growing new stars can watch as they force themselves to gain new stars.

All in all I loved the 2010 WWE Draft. Maybe it's because I watch RAW religiously but usually just read the SD! spoilers but it's probably that they have now created a super-show. It's my personal opinion that we as fans are in for a treat Monday (and eventually Friday) nights.