A Closer Look At The Philadelphia Eagles 14 Undrafted Rookies

Haran KnightCorrespondent IApril 28, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 13:  Devin Ross #6 of the Arizona Wildcats runs with the ball against the USC Trojans during the second half of their Pac-10 Conference Game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum October 13, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
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Between the NFL Draft and the Post-Draft Mini Camps, one of the most underrated periods in football occurs: The signings of un-drafted rookies.

Of course, there is a reason hundreds of NFL prospects don’t hear their name called during the draft. Some have a history of injuries. A few names are discarded due to character concerns. 

Many are deemed “just not good enough”.

While the chances of un-drafted rookies making the final roster of a team is very small, there are a few that will no only make it but possibly have a Hall of Fame career.

Kurt Warner…James Harrison…Antonio Gates….Jeff Saturday…these guys among others are examples of taking a huge advantage of a small opportunity.

The Philadelphia Eagles signed 14 rookie free agents after the draft. This is where they addressed the cornerback and offensive line positions many felt were overlooked during the draft.

The Eagles are investing a lot in the developmental skills of defensive backs coach Dick Jauron and offensive line coach Juan Castillo.

After looking at the scouting reports and a few highlights, I’m giving each player a rating from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest chance) on the possibility of them making the team. 



Charles Alexander-DT (LSU)


Jeff Owens and Antonio Dixon are better run-stuffing tackles and will compete against each other. Alexander and Trevor Laws are better pass rushers and will battle for the fourth spot that is rarely used (the Eagles like to use defensive ends inside on passing downs). 

Chance of making final roster: 5



Zipp Duncan-G (Kentucky)


Duncan is a pass blocking lineman who will challenge Mike McGlynn, Max Jean-Giles, and others for a reserve spot. Although Duncan’s known to be very strong, Andy Reid normally prefers bigger lineman. Duncan has an uphill battle ahead of him.

Chance of making final roster: 3



Austin Howard-T (Northern Iowa)


In order to prevent guards from shuffling to tackle when a starter goes down, a reliable backup is needed at tackle. Howard is going to challenge King Dunlap and Fenuki Tupou for this spot.

Chance of making final roster: 4



Kevin Jurovich-WR (San Jose State)


Jurovich is a route runner with good hands.  His scouting report reminds me of Brandon Gibson last year. His special teams play will determine whether he makes the team or not. Jurovich started his college career as a safety which may help on coverage teams.

Chance of making final roster: 6



Jeraill McCuller-T (NC State)


See Austin Howard.

Chance of making final roster: 4



Josh Morris-CB (Weber State)


Morris has decent size and speed. His strength is man coverage which caters to the Eagles. Morris will challenge both Geoffrey Pope and Dimitri Patterson for depth at corner.

Chance of making final roster: 7



David Pender-CB (Purdue)


At 6’0”, 180 pounds, Pender has idea size for an NFC East corner. According to his scouting report he doesn't seem to fit the Eagles scheme and may draw to many penalties.

Chance of making final roster: 4



Pat Simonds-WR (Colgate)


The Eagles have spent the offseason scouting quite a few taller receivers. At 6’5”, 222 pounds, Simonds definitely fits the mold. Special teams play will determine if he can beat out Hank Baskett and fellow rookie Riley Cooper.

Chance of making final roster: 3



Blue Cooper-WR (Tennessee-Chattanooga)


The same school that produced Terrell Owens, don’t expect the same results. Cooper has decent size at 6’2”, 185 pounds, but he averaged less than 10 yards/catch (9.8 YPC) his senior year.

Chance of making final roster: 2



Joey Elliott-QB (Purdue)


Elliott is a prospect who could be a good fit for the Eagles offense. Because the Birds will focus on developing fourth round draft pick Mike Kafka, Elliott will likely be on the practice squad.  If another team doesn’t sign him away, he may be the 3rd string QB in 2011.

Chance of making final roster: 1



Chris Zardas-FB (Massachusetts)


Zardas has good size, but as long as Leonard Weaver’s healthy, all other fullbacks are practice squad material.

Chance of making final roster: 1



Devin Ross-CB (Arizona)


A very good tackling corner who at first was a mid-round prospect, Ross’ highlight films remind me of Sheldon Brown. He’ll present a challenge for depth in the secondary. Ross is currently my pick to most likely make the 53 man roster.

Chance of making final roster: 8



Eric Moncur-DE (Miami-FL)


Moncur is smaller than some WILL linebackers and isn’t fast enough to transition to that position. With the defensive ends ahead of him, he might be cut before training camp even begins.

Chance of making final roster: 0



Keithon Flemming-HB (West Texas A&M)


Flemming is a versatile running back who can rush, catch and has experience returning kicks.  If he’s proves he can pick up a blitz his future could be bright in Philly.

Chance of making final roster: 6