RAW DRAFT DRAWS A 3.1 RATING: Where Does RAW Go From Here?

Jersey Strong JayCorrespondent IIApril 28, 2010

The night after a pay-per-view and a long, three hour show only draws a 3.1 rating?

Man, times have changed.

I'm sure there was a major uproar in Titan Towers this morning when word of this rating got around the office.

I can hear Vince McMahon's voice saying:

"Now THIS is why we need a celebrity guest host, DAMMIT!!!"

No, Vince.  The reason the show is drawing a low rating is because it is stale and has been for an extremely long time.  I really doubt that adding a random B-List celebrity to the show would help.

But that's just what I think.

We all know that this means there will be MORE guest hosts then ever before!  We could start having a different guest host for each hour of the show!  Just imagine how intriguing that would be?

Back to the ratings.  The first hour of this three-hour show started off strong in my opinion with a solid tag-team title match between The Hart Dynasty and ShowMiz.  The first hour, however, only drew a 2.6 rating.

And please, don't tell me that TNA had anything to do with that low number.  TNA drew a 0.5 for the night!!!  Nobody cares about TNA right now and I believe they're pushing their true fans away.

There is no excuse why RAW would draw such a low, overall number with so much going on. 

But yet, the overall product right now is extremely stale.  Hopefully, the buzz coming out of the draft will help the rating pick up next week. 

WWE really should have used at least one segment in the show to set up a match for next weeks broadcast.  Hell, that is something they should do EVERY week!  It is wrestling 101 and is exactly how the NWA used to draw money in the 80's and how the WWE has ALWAYS drawn ratings to their show.

Whenever the rumor breaks that WWE could be winding down the celebrity guest host gimmick, something like that happens that cements the idea that it is absolutely needed.

I'm sure Triple H will blame himself for not being on the show....

Jason Alletto

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