Curt Schilling Should Just Prove It on The Mound

Jason KimCorrespondent IApril 27, 2010

BOSTON - APRIL 08: Curt Schilling #38 of the Boston Red Sox heads out on to the field to get his 2007 World Series Championship Ring before the game the Detroit Tigers on April 8,2008 during Opening Day at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

Curt Schilling criticized Javier Vasquez publicly on ESPN Radio for his slow start this season as a member of the Yankees.

He might have already proved himself as a pitcher, but he shouldn't be saying that as a future HOF. When's the last time you saw a loved HOF criticize someone when they can't even do it themselves anymore? Never? Not anymore, thanks to Schilling.

Curt Schilling was one heck of a pitcher, I'll give you that. But that doesn't mean he should be criticizing Vasquez's slow start. Everyone can't throw quality starts every outing. He himself could not have done that. So instead of being lazy and just giving out interviews all day, Schilling should do something more useful with his time: to get back on the mound and let his stuff do the talking.

As Schilling had said, and I quote "The National League is an easier league to pitch in, period."

Does that mean every AL pitcher is better than the NL? Is he criticizing all other pitchers in the NL? Seems like it. Then he should have criticized himself, for posting a 3.91 ERA as a Diamondback, which isn't in the elite top spots. 

Also, Vasquez was a first half All-Star in 2004, but had injuries that made him finish with a 4.91 ERA. Then with the White Sox he won 38 games in 3 seasons, pitching more than 200 innings in each of them. 

If he is criticizing Vasquez for his slow start, he might have as well have criticized himself because he can't pitch himself anymore (and that's putting it nicely and appropriate for this website).

Schilling: Let your pitches do the talking, not your loud mouth.