2010 WWE Diva Draft Results and Analysis

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 27, 2010

Well, the 2010 WWE Draft is over. For me, it was a bit of a letdown overall, especially with the fact that not all the matches on the show were for draft picks, nor were they spread out over the entire show so we'd get a big shock at the end like we usually do.

All in all, everyone that switched wasn't a shock. For now, lets take a look at the WWE Divas and who moved.


Kelly Kelly to Smackdown

I have to say I wasn't expecting this move. She's a very popular face, and with Melina out and Eve not getting a face pop, Kelly is the best over on RAW. I'm also surprised, as Tiffany is on SD and seems to be the face in training. I guess Kelly Kelly can be used to feud with Layla, as she did on ECW. Now that both are a bit better in the wrestling department, it can be improved upon.


Natalya to RAW

No big shock here. Once the Hart Dynasty won the tag titles, it seemed pretty obvious that they'd be on RAW. This can be a great move for Nattie. Over on SD, she's completely ignored as a skilled wrestler, and since she was a heel for the majority of a time, she was ignored once LayCool took over the top heel spot. Now she's a face, and popular off the win and being related to Bret Hart, she can fill a major top-face void. Plus, being the skilled wrestler she is, she can easily lead someone like Maryse or Alicia Fox through a decent feud.


Rosa Mendes to Smackdown

Like Kelly Kelly, I don't get it. I don't see the point of using draft picks on Divas, nor do I see the point in wasting a pick on her. Does she even wrestle? Perhaps this is a move ala Candice Michelle from last year, and Rosa will be drafted to future endeavors. With Layla on the show as Michelle's partner in crime (and one who can actually wrestle), the only thing Rosa can do is be a valet for someone else or feud with Tiffany, which would be useless at this point.


Analysis of the New RAW Diva Roster

The Raw roster seems to be in good shape. With Natalya, Gail Kim, and Melina on the roster as vets, Alicia Fox, Maryse, and Eve Torres as the rising stars, and Jillian and The Bellas as the "guest entertainment," the roster is solid. It is, however, a bit unbalanced.

I think the heels are one short. Jillian doesn't wrestle enough for my tastes to be a serious heel. I personally wouldn't mind a psycho heel turn for Melina. She's good as a face, and will easily be on top when she returns, but I'd love to see her turn if only to get a feud going between her and Gail Kim as well as Natalya. I think Melina is simply much more effective as a heel.


Analysis of the New Smackdown Diva Roster

This roster seems to be in solid shape as well. Like RAW, it's a bit face-heavy, and I don't think, with the exception of Beth Phoenix, that any of the other face girls can pull off a successful heel turn because they'd immediately go against Beth. Losing a face like Natalya does hurt, but picking up an established face in Kelly Kelly does help. Perhaps Serena will step into the ring finally and add an extra strong heel and be a great opponent for Beth.

All in all the draft was a bit weak, but expected. It didn't leave either show bleeding in terms of faces and heels, and is giving certain Divas opportunities for growth and new competition.