Joe's 411: The 2010 WWE Draft Winners and Big Time Losers!

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIApril 27, 2010

Wrestling fans saw a very surprising WWE Draft last night on WWE's now official flagship show, WWE RAW.

I found the draft stupid because it made one show very top heavy and left the other basically looking like a crack whore at a Christian revival.

But don't take my word for it, judge for yourself. I'm about to give you both the WWE Draft results you saw Monday Night and today's supplemental draft results.

* Chavo Guerrero: From RAW to SmackDown!
* Cody Rhodes: From RAW to SmackDown!
* Natalya: From SmackDown! to RAW
* Chris Masters: From RAW to SmackDown!
* Ezekiel Jackson: From SmackDown! to RAW
* Goldust: From SmackDown! to RAW
* Hornswoggle: From RAW to SmackDown!
* Rosa Mendes: From RAW to SmackDown!
* DH Smith: From SmackDown! to RAW
* Tyson Kidd: From SmackDown! to RAW
* MVP: From RAW to SmackDown!
* Kelly Kelly: From RAW to SmackDown!
* The Big Show: From RAW to SmackDown!
* John Morrison: From SmackDown! to RAW
* R-Truth: From SmackDown! to RAW
* Edge: From SmackDown! to RAW
* Kofi Kingston: From RAW to SmackDown!
* Christian: From RAW to SmackDown!
* Chris Jericho: From SmackDown! to RAW

If you're a fan of wrestling it is obvious the winner and loser in this situation.

It goes without saying, but I don't mind saying it. The WWE is trying to severely beat TNA IMPACT.

They are putting their best and brightest talent on WWE RAW so that they can make sure that TNA won't be beating them any time soon.

For my money, TNA is years away from being able to do that. They don't have the capability to pull off something that would be considered greatness.

The WWE has given me that before many times over, yet TNA has only done it maybe once or twice.

There are some great things I've seen in TNA. I personally love the idea of a rankings system and the secret camera/boxer promo to the ring is cool. They are small things, but I feel the best things start small and work their way up.

However, like I said before, TNA is YEARS away from beating the WWE in ratings.

It's also horrible for some of the young stars on RAW because they know their time is not coming any time soon.

I HATE the idea of putting John Morrison on RAW more than anything else.


Because this man was considered a World Title contender. He beat reigning World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger last week on Friday Night SmackDown. Now he's on RAW with a very crowded World Title contender class.

We have Batista who will be gone soon—after Over the Limit—which means that he's out of the draft's discussion.

Taking him out are John Cena, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Edge, Triple H and Chris Jericho along with John Morrison, basically giving him no chance at all.

Also, forget about seeing the newly acquired Big Zeke Jackson or Ted DiBiase Jr. in the World Title mix.

And what's the point of trying to fit The Miz in?

I mean, God forbid we give him a shot at the World Title when he's been killing it for the WWE the entire year.

Adding the entire Hart Dynasty to RAW kills the Diva's Division for SmackDown, since Natalya is gone. You have no tag team on SmackDown at all.

I for one am really stoked to see the Hart Dynasty win the Unified Tag Titles, but who are they going to face? John Morrison and R-Truth?

Some would say that because most of the top talent in the WWE is going to be on one show, we can see fresh people in the World Title hunt and great feuds.

Problem is that the WWE LOVES to give us the same people over and over.

And while people are loving the idea of the potential Edge/Orton storyline, it's pretty stupid to suddenly end what could be the best feud of the year with Chris Jericho.

The people moving to SmackDown are feeling great. They are going to be in the World Title hunt or main event scene.

Big Show, who seriously is getting stale to the WWE Universe, suddenly turned face so he's supposed to be looked at as a top face on the show? Give me a break.

Then we add the big time pick up of Kelly Kelly. Hot? Yes, but not someone whose has me wanting to watch an entire show.

Rosa Mendes is not the best pick up in the world either. She has an annoying character, is not wonderful on the mic and is not much better in the ring.

A really nice pick up was Cody Rhodes, who I personally think could be huge. He is great on the mic and in the ring. The problem in the WWE's eyes is his size. If they let that go, Rhodes could be huge for them.

The rest who saw themselves get drafted to SmackDown were Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero, MVP, Kofi Kingston and the best pick of the night for SmackDown, Christian.

They join what could barely be described as an all-star class in Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and The Undertaker.

Punk is the best of the three, and will garner the most attention. I say best simply because he's the youngest, and can continue to work for SmackDown longer than Taker or Rey Rey.

Adding another few faces to the brand was good. They only had a few top one's before the draft.

This seems like it was made into the B show, as punishment for being better than RAW every week.

I watched SmackDown weekly for guys like John Morrison and now I have to watch RAW to see him. I watched SmackDown for Edge and Jericho, now they are off the show.

It's like they don't care about the program anymore.

One would think that with all the names coming over like that, that the WWE would move someone like Randy Orton.

And with WWE moving SmackDown to SyFy in October, the first time they've EVER been on cable, it doesn't make sense that you're giving SyFy an obvious B show.

We can only see Christian/Swagger or Punk this and Punk that, and I've even been seeing enough of Rey Rey lately. The WWE Draft is supposed to enhance shows, and make them far more interesting to watch. While that is the case for RAW, it's seriously NOT for SmackDown.

The SmackDown we were watching was SyFy ready, and the one we're about to see weekly is not. Rhodes is the only future bright spot on that show right now. Christian is good to see, but I want to see some interesting feuds with him and someone else. I don't think I'm gonna get that this time around.

Sure, people such as MVP and Kofi Kingston are good to see. But will they finally get the push they deserve? I'm not sure. They have a better chance off of RAW.

The lack of big names is going to hurt SmackDown. I'm sure of it.

What was once the best show in the WWE is once again the B Show. This is due to a lack of star power.

The casual fan who likes certain wrestlers, especially the big names, won't watch it at all. They'll just watch one day a week, that day being Monday.

I think there should be better depth, instead of the hard sell of putting all sorts of mid-carders on a show and just saying, here ya go, do something.

Taking away three big names, all of which are pretty hot in the company right now, and replacing them with people that are not are not quite there is a bad idea and should be booed from the mountain tops. Especially when SmackDown is finally moving to cable after years of needing the move.


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