The 5 Biggest Boobs in the Draft

London GirlContributor IApril 27, 2010

Yes..the 2010 Draft has come to an end. It feels a little like the anti-climax after Christmas, when you have opened all your presents and you wish there were more, as you are not entirely sure if what you got will satisfy you enough.

And are we satisfied? Hmmm…. It shall be determined over this next year but in the meantime lets have a gander.

Numero Uno.

We shall start with Mike Mayock, after all his name closely resembles Mark MyCock (an old friend of mine).

He undoubtedly was a twit for losing his voice on Day Two and not taking Echinacea or Vitamin C. Hello producers…maybe you need something on hand to stop the toad-in-the-throat syndrome, so we at home can actually understand what he is saying.

He also looked like a strange plastic gangster in his 3-peice pinstripe that he was so proud of.

Nope I am sorry…it looked like a piece of crap and the tie was Barry - pink paisley…come on!

NUMBER 2 – Josh MacDaniels of the Denver Broncos.

Broncos Head Coach McDaniels Looks For Explanation in Denver

DO I need to say more?  He picked a guy that people feel is the equivalent to drafting a mail-order bride.You’ve seen the pictures….but you don’t know what she’s like in bed.

Number 3 – General Manager Gene Smith : Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags took Tyson Alualu in their first pick and shocked all the mock-draft specialists with that move.

Kind of like the punk-rock team of the NFL.

They might well end up giving everyone else the finger as Tyson develops though.

Number 4 – Coach Brad Childress : Minnesota Vikings

NFC Championship: Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints News - January 31, 2010

Controversial? Yes it is my middle name. I know everyone thought that the Vikings had a good Draft…but Childress DID NOT prioritise his Quarterback situation. We all know that Brett Favre is coming back this year, even though it hasn’t been made official. But lets be clear, Brett is NOT the Ironman. I reckon he will play this year and no more.And they missed Maurkice Pouncey, who they could have got easily to boost their O-line. Hmmm…not so smart.

Number 5 – Gordon Bennett.

She was obviously not in the draft as she is a woman…and not wearing a suit and tie. Also I am not sure that she could really run with her large appendages. But she is definitely is the owner of some of the largest boobs I have seen.