WWE Draft 2010: My Critical Analysis & What's Next For The WWE Draftees

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IApril 27, 2010



Hey guys, I am back.

First of all, I just want to say that I am glad to write another article again, even though I said that I will be taking so time off.

Secondly, I got a great burning topic to write on and that is the WWE Draft, which took place last night.

Here are the results in case you missed it:

The Big Show, Kelly Kelly, Christian and Kofi Kingston got drafted to SD while, John Morrison, R-Truth, Edge and Chris Jericho got drafted to RAW.

Now, frankly speaking, I have had mixed feelings about the draft.

It is kind of a "lopsided" draft as RAW brand got all the top stars currently on SD except CM Punk, Taker and Swagger.

Plus, RAW did not loose Orton to SD as most of us assumed.

So, it has sort of jammed RAW with the main event talent and has made SD the "land of opportunities," which will surely and hopefully, and I mean hopefully, push a few more guys to the top.

In this article, I have analyzed the pros and cons of each of the main draft pick, which took place last night.


                                                       Kelly Kelly to SD

Now, this is one pick I actually liked and I have to say that was indeed a good choice.

Let’s look at it this way.

With RAW getting almost all the top guys and not to mention, they have guys like Miz, JoMo, Ted and Cody—whom the WWE would want to elevate—the divas division on RAW will be further squashed.

So, until and unless you are The Divas Champion or the No. 1 Contender for the title, you won’t even get the five minutes you do on a regular basis.

With Divas like Eve and Maryse in the main event scene, Kelly Kelly has but remained an “eye candy” on RAW.

But on SD, she can actually be utilized, and in meaningful matches as SD, as of now lack the major star power.

Hopefully, the Divas will get more air time and I recently did read on a website that she indeed is learning to develop her in ring skills.

Now, the best way to utilize her is to make her team up with Tiffany and these two can get into a feud with team LayCool or they can team up with Beth to take on team LayCool and Vickie Gurrero.

This can be a great move as now you can actually have six divas in the ring and still be able to make sense.

It also gives us a good Divas stability, which we have been asking for a long time.

Plus, it will give us rivalries we can actually invest in.


                                                  John Morrison to RAW

Now, this is a pick where I have got “mixed feelings.” Meaning, this pick has both pros and cons.

The advantage is that with JoMo on the A-Show, which consists of “The Top WWE Wrestlers” at the moment.

Considering the fact that the WWE is surely looking to push as soon as possible, Morrison can actually be established into a main event candidate.

Morrison will be put over by the “main guys” so we really can get a guy alleviated in no time, and plus he will be a guy who won’t have to prove himself after being put over like Swagger and Sheamus.

The disadvantage is or rather the “fear” that I have of drafting him to RAW is that with guys like Cena and Orton on the same brand, JoMo will need "luck" so that Vinnie Mac actually keeps them away from the main event scene.

Now considering the fact that Vince’s wallet always suffers and he suffers from fever when ever these guys are not in the main event scene, I fear that JoMo’s push will be halted.

If he stayed on SD, he would have been surely rocketed onto the main event scene.

He was doing a good job against Swagger and was getting a hell lot of pop.

So this pick has it’s fair share of disadvantages as well but let's hope for the best on this one.

My idea of alleviating him on RAW is to involve him in a feud with Jericho, considering the fact that his rivalry with Edge is overdue to his heel turn.

Jericho is one man who can make anybody look good and a few good performances against “The Real Savior Of The WWE” can really do wonders for him.

One alternative is to turn him heel and feud with Orton, once his expected rivalry with Edge comes to an end and this too can help elevate him.

I would go with Jericho out of the two choices though, but in both cases he will be pushed in the desired manner.


                                                Big Show to SD

So, moving on to “bigger” things. Let’s talk about The Big Show’s move to SD.

Honestly speaking, this is one pick which doesn’t quite matter as he is not a guy whose push is due and neither is he in the league of all the top six guys on RAW.

One might not have any pros and cons about this pick, but after scratching my head for some time recollecting Trips’ joke about his “gaseous explosions due to Mexican Food,” I did manage to think of a few advantages and a few disadvantages.

The advantage of moving him to SD is that he can actually have a singles and meaningful rivalry with the once top draw and now forgotten, Kane.

Also, the fact that he already has helped bring a lot of respect to the Unified Tag Team Titles, he can team up with Kane or maybe with Ziggler or Macintyre and help push the “Hart Dynasty” as a successful tag team.

He can also provide a learning curve for the other young and deserving guys, whose names I just mentioned.

The “sort of” disadvantage is that RAW has been provided with a lot of top guys and it is indeed obvious that a lot of talent will be buried.

So, rather than burying someone we want to see as a champ in the near future, we can actually see some one like the Big Show be some what “buried” as he is not in line to get a title shot soon.

In a way, this is an indirect disadvantage for the other guys.

Now the best way to utilize Show would be to make him put over The Hart Dynasty as a successful tag team.

Big Show can be helped to put over quite a handful of stars, and also we can help save Kane from going down as the “The Scariest Jobber” ever by maybe making the two of them team up again in pursuit of the Unified Tag Team Titles.

And then maybe, he can turn on Kane or vice-versa and face off at next year's Mania because honestly I don’t remember a good and well fought match at Mania.

It kills me to see him being used as a jobber and nothing else, but if they fought against each other, it will surely give us a great rivalry to remember of these two intimidating figures.


                                                          Edge to RAW

First of all, it’s great to see the rated R superstar on the "so called, but now that he is their real” A-Show of the WWE.

Honestly speaking, I really like this move and adding to this the fact that he has been turned a heel as well makes things great.

Now it has got many advantages.

I mean, RAW is going to have one of the major attractions and prized possessions in the WWE.

He is one guy who can do wonders with almost anything.

He can give us variety in the main event scene, and provide us with great story lines which we have been craving for.

His great antics and the desire to be a champion make rivalries extremely intense and great.

Plus, he can himself help elevate many guys to the top, considering the fact that he generates lots of energy and makes the crowd really love to hate him.

This equals great ratings for RAW as well as a huge asset.

Now, when we talk about the disadvantages, I honestly don’t see any.

One real disadvantage is that we won’t be able to see him and Christian team up and feud with each other like we all had dreamed about.

But all said and done, it was a good draft pick.

Now I don’t think that I need to talk about how he should be utilized, do I?

I mean, I already explained the advantages of making him a part of RAW, but just for the sake of it, I would like to say that his feud with Orton should continue.

It is a feud we want to see and hopefully, it allow him to filter into the main event with Trips.


                                                            Kofi Kingston to SD

I actually see this as a great pick as it finally will help him become a part of the main event, which is the biggest advantage.

With SD losing almost all their main power to RAW, plus Taker and Rey Mysterio taking time off, not to mention CM Punk working with the SES, it actually leaves him and Christian alone to face Swagger for the WHC Title.

Kingston and Orton are not on the same brand and his push won’t be halted like it was earlier when he pissed Orton off due to his botched maneuvers.

The one problem I have though is which star will help him be pushed to the top.

Swagger can’t because he is not up to that level yet and the idea of him beating Punk and three more members of the SES is pathetic to elevate him as it will make them look weak and that to me at least is a pathetic idea.

Frankly, I don’t see any disadvantage in moving him to SD at all.

Now comes the all important question of utilizing him.

Our major aim is to elevate him to the top, but we have to keep one thing in mind.

Like Christian, he can’t be just be rocketed into the main event scene. He needs to beat a few top guys first and earn the momentum like he did against Orton before being thrown back.

My idea is to make him feud with Drew for the IC Title, then win it.

During his reign as champ, have him beat guys like Rey, Matt, Show, and Kane via good and meaningful matches.

With this done, maybe he can get into a feud with Punk when he is the WHC and beat him in some sort of a “Steel Cage” match, where the interruption from the SES is minimal and finally become the WHC.


                                                           R Truth to RAW

This is another draft pick at least to me won’t make much of a difference as he is not someone whom we desire to see as a champion.

But with some good creative ideas and proper management, he can actually do something useful for the RAW.

Now, this move to does not make much of a difference but it has got certain advantages as well.

According to the fact, he is not someone whom we see as the top guy in the future.

He can actually be used to solidify the mid-card department on RAW, and most importantly bring back respect to the US Title.

As a mid-card mainstay on RAW, he can actually help in bringing about the change.

Also, the fact that if the WWE screws up the proper management of the top stars and he gets buried then it won’t be a huge loss.

I am not displaying my hatred for him, but I just feel that as of now we might not want to see him as champ soon, nor am I saying that he should never be a champion.

So with all that said, I don’t see any disadvantage in moving him to RAW.

But if the WWE actually have plans of pushing him to the top, then all I can say is that they committed a huge blunder by putting him on RAW.

R-Truth already has a “cat and mouse chase” expected to race to the top.

When we talk about utilizing him, I have already explained above as to how he can be used properly.

Along with guys like MVP, Evan Bourne and the guys who come to RAW via that supplement draft, he can really help bring back a lot of respect in the mid-card department.

Its not just about the main event matches, the mid-card matches do matter as well. Hence helping RAW get the ratings they have not got in a long, long time.


                                                             Christian to SD

God Bless the WWE for making such a great move.

I guess we all know what the biggest advantage of drafting him to SD is.

The fact that Christian sooner or later will be the World Heavyweight Champion.

Yes you heard it correctly, Christian will be the World Heavyweight Champion.

Now the reason why that is going to happen is simple.

First of all SD lost Jericho, Edge and JoMo—who were few guys who would have given Christian a good run for his money to become the next WHC.

Second, Taker is taking time off and Mysterio and Punk are involved with each other and the other talent still needs to be pushed.

So it is obvious that Christian will challenge Swagger for the WHC Title, and will win it one day.

This has to be the best draft pick of the night, indeed.

It will finally give all us “peeps” exactly what we have been dreaming of for a long, long time to come.

Honestly, this draft pick has got no disadvantages at all and even if some of you think differently, you are wrong.

Sorry for being a little bit of a jerk, but I am really excited about it.

I would just like to add, the best way to utilize him is to make him World Heavyweight Champion.

Believe me, his charisma combined with his great in-ring talent, brilliant mic work, and of course his "peeps" will ensure that Christian alone is good enough to make SD and RAW go head to head.

He can help put over many stars as well.


                                                    Chris Jericho to RAW

Now, this is one draft pick that has taken me by surprise.

I am really shocked to see this, but I have to admit that SD’s loss is RAW’s gain.

Now the obvious advantage is that RAW is going to improve dramatically.

Raw has been lacking a top heel ever since Orton did an about face and now, Jericho rightfully so fills up the void created.

Also, Jericho is the only man who actually can elevate anybody on the RAW brand.

He is one man who can make anybody look good against him, so he can actually save talent like “Miz, JoMo, Cody, Ted” from being buried. 

Jericho cuts brilliant promos and honestly is the best mic worker in the WWE right now.

He powers up the crowd and give us storylines we can actually buy, and he can help make the guest host concept look good because as I said, he can make anything look good.

The one drawback I have though is Jericho and Edge will be turning a heel on the same brand.

Add to the fact that Batista is still going to stay with the WWE, Orton being a tweener and HHH rumored to turn heel, RAW might just suddenly have a lot of heels to deal with.

I agree that it is being rumored that Batista is indeed taking time off and hopefully Orton is not a tweener any more, but I hope that this thing gets sorted out as soon as possible.

But this BTW is a drawback which will not stay for long though, so on the whole Jericho coming to RAW gets a job well done WWE from me for sure.

Jericho can be utilized anywhere since he is simply the best.

I believe that the best thing for him to do is to help put JoMo over first and then after sometime get into a feud with Cena for the WWE Title.

Then maybe feud with other top guys like Trips and Orton as he can really make the rivalries and matches intense while feuding with such top guys.


                                                            Overall Verdict

I never thought I would say this, even though this is a lopsided draft with RAW walking out the clear winner, I see a huge opportunity for the WWE to convert this into a huge success.

SD can actually become the "land of opportunities."

We are going to see many superstars rise and try it their best to prove to the WWE that the time has come to elevate them.

We will get to see some great wrestling action and we will get new and refreshed angles, so SD will be able to go neck-to-neck with RAW, despite of having less star power.

RAW will be like the “intense brand” but believe me, they have to manage their wrestlers well.

For instance, they have use their top wrestlers well in rotation like they did when they had Rock-Austin-Kurt-Jericho-Taker-Kane-Show back in late 1990's.

The RAW brand can draw the ratings it used to draw because they have the best performers and mic workers.

RAW will actually become worthy of being referred to as the A-Show.

So, that’s my opinion on the draft.

I have to admit that even though many might “hate” the draft, I feel that somewhere down the line, there is indeed an opportunity for the WWE to make it a success.

But like I said, WWE needs proper management, and importantly proper thinking from its creative staff in order to be successful.

If they don’t, then this draft will surely go down as a huge failure.

So, what did you guys think of my post draft analysis?

Do you agree with me or not? Please comment for sure as I will acknowledge all feedback whether positive and negative.



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