This Sugar Isn't Splenda: Five Reasons Shane Mosley Will Beat Floyd Mayweather

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IApril 27, 2010

This is my second installment in my Mayweather-Mosley preview. Today we will be looking at the five reasons Mosley will hand Floyd Mayweather Jr. his first ever career loss.

It is going to be hard for him but I think he can do it.

1. Power

I will say this openly, I don’t think Mosley has the power that he used to. With that said he still has above average power in both hands.

Mayweather hasn’t fought someone with this much power since Oscar De La Hoya, but at that point his power was gone. So it has been a long time since Mayweather has tasted power.

If Mosley can test Mayweather’s chin it could spell the end of the fight.

2. Level of Competition

In my Mayweather preview I said the wear and tear of fighting good fighters may catch up with Mosley. It also works the other way, too.

When you fight top competition all the time your level stays at a high level. Mayweather has fought good competition but no one that was a real threat to beat him in a long time.

Mosley has fought the best fighters his whole career and this is no different. He has been here before and this is another big time fight for him.

3. Chin

Mayweather may have a very good chin. We know Mosley has a very good chin. If he catches a flush shot from Mayweather he should be able to absorb it.

Mayweather’s chin hasn’t been tested ever, and if it has been it has been awhile. Mosley may have the slight edge in chins and that could be the difference.

4. Mind

Mosley has been in deep. Mosley has been beaten up. Mosley has lost.

Mayweather has been in deep one time. He has never been beaten up. He has never lost.

If it gets into deep waters and the fight gets tough Mosley should have a mental advantage. Mosley knows what losing feels like and will handle a close fight better.

5. Hunger

Mosley has wanted this fight for a long time. He wants to put a beating on Mayweather. Make no doubt about that.

This may offset his age and his wear and tear. This may be the last time he gets up for a big fight and fights like he is 28 not 38.

So there you have the five reasons “Sugar” will win this fight. I think if anything he needs to keep it close and then use his mental game to win.

From a physical standpoint Mosley may fall a little short but his mental game may be just what he needs. I’ll be back tomorrow with another look at this super fight.

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