WWE Draft 2010 Results: Two Former World Champions Move To Raw

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IApril 27, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestlers and tag team partners Chris Jericho (L) and Big Show appear in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images


Chris Jericho to Raw

Verdict:  Thumbs Up

Arguably the most consistent performer in the WWE, Chris Jericho makes the move back to Raw, after spending a notable portion of 2009 on Raw, feuding with every single guest host during that time.

If the rumors concerning the exit of Batista from WWE prove to be correct, Jericho would be a perfect replacement in the role of top heel on Monday nights.

Not to mention, the former Y2J is able to have a good match with almost anyone on the roster, (except with Edge in a cage). For Smackdown, the move is an obvious loss, but not as big as its other main departure in the Draft. For more on that, just scroll down.

Kofi Kingston to Smackdown

Verdict: BIG Thumbs Up

Nobody on the entire roster needed a move more urgently than Kofi Kingston. Tipped by many to be the next big thing last year, Kofi’s rise to the top fizzled out at the hands of Randy Orton.

He allegedly botched the finish in one of his matches with Orton on Raw, and since then the African superstar has been reduced to nothing more than a glorified loser.

On Smackdown, the chances of him repairing the damage look good, in part due to the names Smackdown lost in the Draft last night (more on that below).

Edge to Raw

Verdict: BIG Thumbs Down (For Smackdown)

With Edge’s attack on Randy Orton last night on Raw, WWE seemed to have pulled Edge’s face turn to an abrupt halt. We will probably have more details next week, but at the time of writing it seems as if Edge is going back to being a heel.

No complaints from me on that count; personally I find the Rated R superstar to be far more entertaining when he is a heel. However, this is a huge loss for Smackdown.

Edge only returned to action a few months ago, and his departure from the Blue brand leaves it with a noticeable void of established main eventers. Only Mysterio, Punk and the Undertaker (who isn’t a regular) are still around. The drafting of Edge is also more damaging than Jericho’s move, mainly because Edge came out of Extreme Rules on a more positive note.

Big Show to Smackdown

Verdict: Straight Down The Middle

The giant turned on the Miz last night, as their tag team championship reign came to an end at the hands of the Hart Dynasty.

The move of Show is likely meant to compensate for the loss of Edge and Jericho, but the fact is Big Show isn’t as good as either of them. Show doesn’t have the versatility to have a good match with as many people, and he’s slowed down considerably in the ring.

Expect Show to flirt with the upper midcard for a short period, before returning to tag team competition.

John Morrison to Raw

Verdict: Thumbs Up

Good pick for Raw, Morrison certainly has the potential to be a star. There are more charismatic heels now on Raw compared to Smackdown, which could help Jo Mo a lot.

While there is a risk he might get lost in the midcard shuffle and be back to feuding for the US Title, that in itself isn’t a total loss (another encounter with the Miz).

Christian to Smackdown

Verdict: BIG Thumbs Up

Was he even on Raw? Captain Charisma didn’t do anything of note during his time on Raw, and the jump to Smackdown could be the first step in establishing him as a main event player in the WWE.

Christian’s got all the tools to be a mega star, and all he needs is for the WWE to give him the ball and let him run with it. That was never going to happen on Raw.

On the blue brand however, the biggest fan favorite right now is Rey Mysterio. Christian should be able to finally realize his potential as a top star by filling up that void.

R Truth to Raw

Verdict: Middle of the Road

R Truth has his limitations, and on Raw he will be competing for attention with a host of midcarders. While Truth could certainly hold his own in singles competition for a short while, the likelihood is that he will be back in the tag team division before long.

Truth is big amongst the kids due to his rapping gimmick, and for now, that should get him through the next few months, possibly beyond that.

Kelly Kelly to Smackdown

Verdict: Thumbs Up

The Diva so nice, they named her twice. Kelly Kelly moves into the Smackdown Divas division, in the aftermath of Mickie James release from WWE.

Kelly isn’t anywhere as good as Mickie, but she has improved in the ring, and seems to get a decent reaction out of the fans. She probably won’t be in title contention anytime soon, but there isn’t any evidence to suggest that this is a bad move for either brand.

Overall Verdict: Raw was the winner of this year’s draft, as it bolstered its ranks with established stars. Smackdown may be hurting, but since it has a track record of pushing younger, fresher faces, the brand should be able to cope.

The Supplemental Draft takes place on Tuesday. Contenders for a move include MVP, Evan Bourne and Cody Rhodes, by my estimate. At the time of writing, the Great Khali and Ranjin Singh have jumped to Raw. I will be back later in the week to analyze the trades in the Supplemental Draft. Till then, so long.

What did you think of the draft? Are you happy to see Edge and Jericho back on Raw? Will Kofi and Christian enter the main event on Friday nights? Tell us what you think in the comments section, and thanks for reading!