The Colorado Avalanche Have Many Questions to Answer

Jordan WalshCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

The Colorado Avalanche has lost many players to free agency and have not done much to compensate. The Avs have lost Jeff Finger, Keith Sauer, and Jose Theodore, but have only signed Darcy Tucker and Andrew Raycroft. These arrivals and departures have raised many questions.

What will the team look like come October when the season kicks off? Will they really have a team that has a fighting chance?

What will Super Joe Sakic do? Retire or Stay?

Marek Svatos is headed to arbitration in these next few weeks and the Avs may very well lose him too. This would really cripple the team's offense.

A huge question to be addressed is Peter Forsberg. We already know he won't be playing until at least December, but even then, will he be able to go?

To be honest, I personally think the Av's NEED Sakic and Svatos (especially Sakic, but Svatos is a must too). Without these two, they will be LUCKY to get into the playoffs. Forsberg is just icing on the cake.

With all these HUGE decisions, can the Avs really make all the right calls to have a title season? To be honest, it's possible. But it's a long shot. 

I think the Avs should make some decisions for today and some for the future. This team needs Joe Sakic, so pray to God he comes back.

Sign Svatos long term. He's good, has a promising future, and WILL help their offence significantly. Perhaps they should let Forsberg go and give T.J. Galiardi some more responsibility as a rookie. This will definitely benefit the organization in the future.

I also believe they need to deal Tyler Arnason for whatever they can get and have T.J Hensick take his place. Sure, some say he's a bit questionable at times, but I watched this kid all last season and he was HUGE for the Avs when they were battling all those injuries (Smyth, Sakic, and Stastny were all out for long periods of time).

With these calls made, the Avs should be able to get into the playoffs, make somewhat of a splash in them and have a brighter future. These are all HUGE questions that are all going to impact the team this season.

We haven't even talked about the goaltending. Can Petr Budaj carry a team into the playoffs? I think he can. It is going to be an interesting season for Avalanche fans but no matter what happens, I'm behind my team 100 percent.