WWE Draft : A New Era Has Begun

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IApril 27, 2010

The special draft Raw episode kicked off with a great match for the Unified Tag Team Title and, surprisingly (or finally?), The Hart Dynasty are now the reigning Champions. 

Hopefully, it's the beginning of an exciting Unified Tag Team Title reign.  I must say Tyson Kidd really impressed me tonight; he carried the whole match on his shoulders as well as his partner who has not an outstanding presence in the ring.  

DH Smith will have to increase his charisma level if the team wants to become remembered in 10 years.

I also think Bret Hart should use this glorious opportunity to retire for good.  He just no longer fits in the new era picture.  Anyway, the Hart Dynasty works better as a trio.

With that loss, we have all knew ShowMiz would split and Big Show made sure it was clear with a K.O. punch on his former partner.  Then, not long after, we discovered The largest athlete in the world  has been drafted to Smackdown .  

With that move to Smackdown , Big Show will probably run after the major Title while we might see The Miz shining by his own and offer the fans some interesting mid-card matches for the US Championship.  

Later that night, one more surprise came up with Santino Marella in an actual wrestling match without jobbing; not only he ended co-winner, but he eliminated three opponents in that Raw vs. Smackdown battle royal.  

However, the real shining star has been Ted DiBiase who eliminated Rey Mysterio, the last Smackdown opponent, giving Raw three draft picks including Edge.

An other big name also came back to Raw .  Y2J will have the chance to take revenge on Edge in their unfinished feud.  But after Edge, it would be interesting to see Jericho taking on Cena for the WWE Championship.  Edge against Sheamus would also be interesting (or why not the re-unification of Rated-RKO ?).

With John Morrison and R-Truth coming to Raw , I expected their team to continue together, but Mr. What's Up! seems to have started an angle with Ted DiBiase (how refreshing would that be!); and while we're at speculation, I can finally see the feud between Morrison and Miz happening.

Smackdown has lost some huge names, but they gained Christian and Kofi Kingston. While Christian could battle for the World Heavyweight Title against Jack Swagger, Kingston could get some memorable matches against Drew McIntyre for the Intercontinental Championship. 

Well, that's the picture for now.  Some interesting and refreshing feuds in sight with the changes so far, but we might see even more at the supplemental draft.  But, according to last year's supplemental drafts, we should not expect major changes.

But it's looking good for the coming year.  I see a lot of memorable potential storylines (including the expansion of the Straight Edge Society with its new mystery member).