Preseason Betting Odds for 2010 NFL Season Released

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Preseason Betting Odds for 2010 NFL Season Released

The 2010 NFL draft is behind us all, and with a number of notable free agents left unsigned, betting odds for the upcoming season have already been released. has updated their odds shortly after the completion of the draft, and their were a few big risers. Amongst the risers are the New York Jets and Washington Redskins.

The Jets have moved from 25:1 to 12:1 to win the Super Bowl. The Redskins have increased from 50:1 to 28:1 after the draft and the big Donovan McNabb deal.

The odds reflect where money is going, and are an accurate way to see how the public views teams.

Here are the betting odds for the 2011 Super Bowl:

Arizona Cardinals - 40:1

Atlanta Falcons - 20:1

Baltimore Ravens - 18:1

Buffalo Bills - 100:1

Carolina Panthers - 30:1

Chicago Bears - 35:1

Cleveland Browns - 80:1

Dallas Cowboys - 11:1

Denver Broncos - 50:1

Detroit Lions - 80:1

Green Bay Packers - 14:1

Houston Texans - 25:1

Indianapolis Colts - 8:1

Jacksonville Jaguars - 70:1

Kansas City Chiefs - 90:1

Miami Dolphins - 30:1

Minnesota Vikings - 14:1

New England Patriots - 10:1

New Orleans Saints - 9:1

New York Giants - 25:1

New York Jets - 12:1

Oakland Raiders - 80:1

Philadelphia Eagles - 18:1

Pittsburgh Steelers - 18:1

San Diego Chargers - 10:1

San Francisco 49ers - 30:1

Seattle Seahawks - 40:1

St. Louis Rams - 100:1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 100:1

Tennessee Titans - 28:1

Washington Redskins - 25:1

Well, those are the odds that has released. They all seem pretty accurate, the Colts being the favorite going into the 2011 season is expected, with the Saints right behind.

My guess from this early into the preseason for 2011 Super Bowl champion is: New England Patriots. With Tom Brady coming back to 100 percent, it's hard to bet against.

Leave your opinion on the odds and your Super Bowl predictions. It's early, but not too early to take a guess at the future champs.

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