The Brett Favre Controversey Continues in Green Bay

Southern CheeseheadCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

I'm just like everyone else and have an opinion on the Favre saga, but then again I'm not.


I'm actually a lifetime Packer Backer.


That said; know upfront that it's very difficult for me to have an objective opinion regarding the subject.


It seems that there are new comments or developments every day— as evidenced by my plentiful “Google alerts!”

Before Favre held the press conference, I wanted him to come back one more year.

I hated that he went out on an interception in OT that lost the NFC championship for them.

I also felt like with his competitive spirit that he wouldn't want to go out that way either. He had gotten so close to the Super Bowl again that he could taste it—Now making another run at it.

After he held the press conference in March, I truly felt he would be a man of his word and stay retired.

As soon as the reports started flying about him wanting to come back and play I passed it off at first and said that I felt like he was sincere when he said that he was retiring.

I realize now, that I'm probably the only one that actually thought that.

No one else believed that he was truly hanging it up.

So here it is: everyone makes mistakes and I stand corrected— no biggie— I can own up to it.

A few days and weeks after those first reports, I started hearing that the Packers weren't welcoming him back with open arms. I realized then that there, it had to be some truth to all of this and was officially in frenzy.

Now, Favre has broken his silence and spoke fairly candidly about the situation "on the record" the past two nights.

I have tried to be objective after seeing the interview with Greta, and I can't think of any motivation for him to lie.

I totally believe him when he says that he was pressured to make a decision early and that's the way that he felt at that time— that most veteran QB's would say the same thing in March when asked to make a choice.

I think that he should have stayed retired, personally.

I know that's hard to believe coming from a true fan, but after the public retirement announcement then he should stick to it.

My opinion after the fact that he didn't stay retired though?

I believe that after 16-years with an organization, three-time MVP with that organization, leading to a Super Bowl win for that organization and all of the huge income just from merchandising alone for them that he has earned the right to come back.

At the worst, he has earned the right to at least compete for his starting position back.

Goodness, there have been a couple of times in the past that he has lowered his income on his contract just to help out with the salary cap!

That doesn't sound like a diva to me!

Bottom line: General Manager, Ted Thompson, gets paid to put the absolute best team on the field.

That team is better with Favre right now rather than Rodgers.

I realize that he put them in a bad position by deciding to come back, but Ted Thompson was already walking a thin line with the “Packer Nation” and he certainly hasn't made that any better with how he has handled this situation.

It’s obvious by the rallies that are being held now outside the offices with Packer fans screaming for Favre's starting position back.

Never underestimate the power of two things: the city owns the team and the majority of the owners want their beloved QB back.

Am I conflicted as a fan?

It depends on which fan you're asking. I'm first a Packer fan.

I was asked yesterday if Favre went to another team and came out on Lambeau Field in another jersey that I would pull for; I didn't hesitate to answer "the Packers".

I was born with cheese on my head. My allegiance will forever be in Green Bay.

Although, the Favre fan in me is conflicted, because he can't seem to make up his mind, but I love to watch him play and his style of playing.

So, the thought of him coming back does make a part of me ecstatic!

I would hate to see him go out on a stretcher though. The thought of that is somewhat foreign due to how durable he has been, but the reality is that it can't last forever.

Those are the reasons why I'm conflicted as a Favre fan.

At the end of the day, no matter what happens, I will always support my Packers.

I may not agree with everything that goes on in their offices, but I have a short-term memory as soon as the green and gold take the field— no matter who is in those uniforms.

I would obviously feel more confident if Favre was still in No. 4 taking that field!

Lambeau is a special place that is hard to describe in words, but it was special during the tough years in the 80s and will still be special in the 21st century when the Favre era is only a memory.

Either way— Go Pack Go!


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