The Glamazon Beth Phoenix Cleaned House at Extreme Rules, Claims Title

lee raydeanCorrespondent IApril 26, 2010

We have a new women's champion and it's Beth Phoenix!

Fans, if you didn't catch this pay-per-view, I feel sorry for you.

Why? Because Michelle McCool lost her belt.

Michelle, Layla, and Vickie Guerrero had been taunting Beth for weeks now. Tonight, Michelle was given her walking papers from the Glamazon.

Layla and the consultant for Smackdown, Vickie "Excuse Me" Guerrero accompanied the women's champion, Michelle McCool, to the ring. 

The Glamazon didn't waste anytime in getting to the ring so the match could officially begin. This is one of the most physical women's match that I have ever seen.

The tension was so thick, it could be cut with a knife. Michelle came out like gang busters, but she didn't think Beth was going to be so physical and determined to win the belt.

McCool's two little, well one is little and the other is "bigger," were at ringside to help their friend. I still don't see what purpose they serve.

Guns blazing, the match started and it was all action from beginning to end. They brought in irons, ironing boards, hair spray, and anything else they could get their hands on.

Remember, at Extreme Rules, there is no disqualifications, everything is legal. Beth didn't go for bringing things into the ring, she wanted to get a few licks in on McCool and put her in Beth's finishing move, the Glamsam.

Michelle was on a roll, had the upper hand, and was in control in the beginning. She was trying to end Beth's career.

With Vickie and Layla on the outside, you would think that they would've done more to help Michelle keep her belt.

I guess the two of them couldn't really do too much because on this night, Michelle's world was about to fall apart and it did. No matter what was done to Beth, well lets just say, that this was Beth's time to shine.

The three of team McCool never thought that Michelle would lose that title. They would beat, cheat, and lie to help McCool win her matches.

Even in a regular match on Smackdown, team McCool did whatever they wanted because they are friends with Vickie and since she is a consultant for Smackdown, they got away with it.

Tonight was a different story. Beth was a force to be reckoned with and even though she was getting pounced on, she rose to the occasion and put the smackdown on Michelle and it was over.

Michelle was hit with the Glamslam and pinned. The Queen of women's wrestling, finally got what she's been wanting for so long, the Women's championship belt.

Besides Mickie James, Beth Phoenix deserved the belt.


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