2010 NFL Free Agency: Should Green Bay Consider Pacman Jones?

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistApril 26, 2010

CLEVELAND - SEPTEMBER 7:  Adam Jones #21 of the Dallas Cowboys looks on before the game against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on September 7, 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Controversy creates cash, or so it does for Pacman Jones anyway.  Now that the NFL Draft is a mere distant memory and the Green Bay Packers have weighed in with absolutely great draft picks,  it's time to focus on free agency and what we all hope to be a successful remainder of the offseason for the Green Bay Packers.

Many big names emerge straight off the bat, including the likes of Darren Sharper, Terrell Owens and, Marc Bulger.  However, when considering the Green Bay Packers and their possible link to a free agent signing, only one name makes sense, and it is one that we are all way to familiar with: Adam 'Pacman' Jones.

Now before I begin, I am aware that many Packer fans will be sitting behind their computers with a plain taste in their mouth thinking "No thanks, I'd rather the Packers didn't sign a jerk", but before you totally make up your minds just think of the possibilities that Pacman could bring to the Packers, along with what this man truly can do.

1. Pacman's Covering Ability

Throughout all that Pacman is criticized of doing wrong, funnily enough what he does right has kept his career alive and well in the NFL.  When watching Pacman Jones, he has an uncanny ability to stick to wide receivers.  Whether it's a deep ball or a short hook pass, Pacman Jones is often right on top of a wide receiver, and when he's not he's within the vicinity to make a touchdown saving tackle.

It wouldn't be fair to call Pacman "Charles Woodson like", but he is pretty damn close to being on that level.  The other point to make about Pacman's covering ability is the way in which he watches the quarterback.  Al Michaels is fond of describing defensive backs when they are in a zone defense and his famous line of "he's just watching the eyes of the quarterback" describes Pacman to a tee. 

Some may argue that Pacman has no talent at all, and his play with the Dallas Cowboys leaves a lot to be desired.  While this is true, he does have the potential to succeed like he did with the Tennessee Titans.

2. Pacman's Kick Return Ability

Most people forget that Pacman Jones can also return quite a decent kickoff or two during a game.  Although he is a fantastic cornerback, he also has a tremendous amount of burst and speed that allows him to read special teams coverage and find a hole or two to break out of.

Is this something Green Bay could use?  You can just about bet your house on it, as Green Bay's return specialist Jordy Nelson has struggled lately returning kicks, and did manage to fumble four times in 2008.

Pacman's kick return ability would be more than welcomed in Green Bay.  Touchdowns off of kickoffs aren't as casual for Green Bay as they are for teams such as Chicago, and given the fact that Pacman could give Aaron Rodgers the chance to possibly win that overtime game against Arizona in the playoffs with a little better field position, his presence at this position would be definitely appreciated.

3. Pacman's Affect on the NFC North

Right now there are only a handful of teams interested in Pacman Jones.  Leading the speculation is the Detroit Lions, as they too could do with a cornerback to add to their now impressive looking defense.

Therefore, it is important that if the opportunity arises for Green Bay to nab Pacman Jones, they take it, as he could be a force in the North when Green Bay meets Detroit twice next season.

Chicago and Minnesota already have impressive looking defenses, and although the Packers' is among the best in the nation, the cornerback position could be exposed at times next season.

4. Green Bay's Lack of Cornerback Addition in the Draft

This is perhaps the biggest one, as Green Bay failed to answer one of their biggest needs in the draft.  Although gaining Bryan Bulaga and Morgan Burnett was more than just nice, a cornerback to go with this talented duo certainly would have made Green Bay fans just that little bit happier.

With this said, there is of course a massive opportunity in the free agency game, if Green Bay wishes to add a cornerback to their already No. 2 ranked defense.  Not a whole range of options do appear for Green Bay, but Pacman Jones is certainly one of the suitable targets.

Perhaps Green Bay did themselves a favor by not drafting a rookie, and instead could benefit from a more experienced player.  But we'll have to just wait and see.


With these points made, I'm not stating that Pacman Jones would be a great fit for Green Bay, after all the Packers are one of the least featured teams in the media, and adding a guy such as Pacman may only shine a bad light on the Packers organization.

Talent wise though, Pacman would be such a great signing.  He is young, he still has a ton of potential and his ability to make plays is duly noted.  If Al Harris returns, Green Bay may not need another cornerback just yet, but for the majority the Packers cornerback position is growing a little long in the tooth.

Father time is the Packers biggest threat, especially in a few defensive positions and with no Super Bowl to show for such a great roster it is time that the Packers got a bit of a move on.  Is Pacman the answer?  He could be, but I assure you Packer fans will have something to say about it.

He is talented, yes, but he is controversial.  It's a mix for either good or bad, and either way Green Bay may or may not benefit from it.  However, it is still a decent option to fill a need that is ever so present.

Should Pacman be wearing green and yellow next season, the only thing Pacman may be seeing "rain" is a chorus of boos at Lambeau Field.  But this could be a great signing for the Green Bay Packers.


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