Extreme Rules Aftermath

Miss AnnieAnalyst IApril 26, 2010

So Extreme Rules is over, and in the aftermath of the PPV before the draft I decided to write this article and give my two cents on it and how I think it will affect the draft.

First match was an impromptu Gauntlet Tag Team Match.  ShoMiz came out a-bragging, so Teddy Long heard enough and gave them this match. First came Morrison and Truth, who lost by DQ.  Then MVP and Henry who lost via pinfall. And then before Miz could recover, out comes the Hart Dynasty and gave him a Hart Attack. Voila, we got the number one contenders for the unified tag titles. 

Honestly, I didn't care much for it. Being Tag Champs allows the title holders to be on both shows so whoever wins, it doesn't matter who gets drafted to where.  I don't think the Hart Dynasty's going to get split up anyway.

Next up is Punk vs. Mysterio.  I actually thought Rey was going to win this one.  He almost did too, had it not been for the interference of one mysterious guy.  I have no idea who it was, but I’m sure we’ll have more information on his identity soon.  Perhaps as soon as this Monday during the draft.  Rumor has it, its Kaval or Joey Mercury. 

I didn’t get the feeling that this feud is over by any chance so either they both get drafted, or they both stay on Smackdown.  I would like to have the Straight Edge Society on Raw, but not Rey.  Now don’t jump on me because of that, it’s just my opinion.  I never really liked Rey.


The Strap match between JTG and Shad was the one match I cared about less than the Divas match.  Strap matches aren’t even extreme.  Anyway, Matt Striker did good at selling the whole match so that made it tolerable at least.  I thought Shad would win just because he was the bigger and stronger of the two, but JTG used his “streetwise” and got the win.  I think they need to stay in Smackdown and continue this feud for a little while longer.


Next is the Extreme Rules match for the World Heavy Weight Championship between Jack Swagger and Randy Orton.  For a match that didn’t have a lot of build-up, I think this was one of the most anticipated matches on the card.  I honestly didn’t have any idea about who’s going to win, especially given that the draft was looming just around the bend.  But I think Randy didn’t really need the belt right now, and Jack does so he was probably going to retain one way or another.  I’d have hope for a DQ from either members of the Legacy, but that was not possible since Ted’s apparently suffering from the effects of food poisoning and Cody’s still selling the concussion.

Anyway, I think the match wasn’t all that “extreme” although I liked the use of the trash can.  If anything, the match showed the difference in style of the two men—Jack with his amateur wrestling prowess and Randy with his in-ring mastery and intelligence.  Randy basically dominated the match but at the same time putting Swagger over.  Jack’s winning via clean pin fall after a countered RKO on the chair still came off as him just being lucky at Randy’s small mistake and taking advantage of it—which is what a heel does. 

And then that RKO outside the ring when Jack was on his way up the ramp was a very good move.  To me it’s a statement that even though he lost, he is still the Apex Predator and that his venom is still as potent as it has always been.  Also, the “Randy chants” after he did that, to me, confirms that he’s the kind of face that can act like a heel and still get cheered…or vice versa.

As for the draft, maybe Jack will get drafted to Raw. (Yes, he is on Smackdown roster if you didn’t know.) Either that or Randy will get drafted to Smackdown to continue their feud.  But if you ask me, I’d rather Randy stays and Jack gets drafted to Raw.  Switch the belts if they must, they’ve done it before.  Or they could just stop this storyline altogether and they stay where they are.


Streetfight between Triple H and Sheamus actually opened the PPV, but you know what happened. Sheamus attacked Trips backstage and he needed to get medical attention.  Sheamus walks around the arena bragging about how he decimated him and was very confident Triple H wouldn’t come out to the ring when he walked in after Randy’s match.  But lo and behold, the mighty King of Kings still did—albeit selling injury.

I was thinking if Sheamus wins while Triple H was injured, that kind of diminishes his credibility.  Trip’s haters might even blame him for it.  It was just a little bit too much that he was able to stay standing after several pipe shots and boots to the head then refusing the to get on the stretcher and put the c-collar on.  I guess they still have to show he’s still unstoppable, I mean, he is Triple H after all.

I don’t know if it did anything for Sheamus, actually.  I think him winning not so “fairly” is just another heel tactic, but did the victory really put him over?  Maybe—maybe not, but I think it was an okay match.  Anyway, I think it’s safe to say Triple H is not going anywhere.  If he’s injured then he’s ineligible for the draft, right? Sheamus maybe can go to Smackdown and establish dominance there…maybe.


Steel Cage Match between Chris Jericho and Edge was next.  I knew it was going to go down like that, with Edge injuring Jericho.  I had that feeling when they had that promo last week where Edge talked about how Chris doesn’t know what it’s like to be injured and to work his way to recovery.  Also, I heard Jericho’s supposed to go on tour with his band so he might need the time off for that and a kayfabe injury would be a good excuse.

Honestly, it wasn't the best I’ve seen from those two but it was still good I suppose.  There were some awesome spots like the top rope springboard code breaker but nothing really much else.  I honestly don’t know where these two would end up in after the draft, but wherever they do I think they will likely be on the same show.


Last match on the card was for the WWE Championship, a Last Man Standing Match between Cena and Batista.  I have to say, this match actually tore the house down…literally and figuratively.  The only thing I didn’t like was Cena’s acting.  He likes just pops on to his feet at the count of nine.  But anyway, both of them did great, certainly better than expected.

I thought the ending was a bit silly though.  I’ve never seen someone duct taping anyone down to a Last Man Standing Match.  That was definitely effective but it was just too funny to actually see.  Lame but funny.  If the purpose was to embarrass Dave twice in a row in PPV though, then I’d say it’s a success.

Also, with the recent rumors going around that Dave might be leaving soon, I had to just wonder if they’re going to write it down as he was so embarrassed by what happened and decides he’s had enough.

As for the draft, If Dave’s gonna quit then he doesn’t count. But if he isn’t I think he should stay on Smackdown and actually work there! He did asked to be moved there after all.  I think Cena’s staying on Raw, but if it’s up to me, I’ll put him on Smackdown if they really want to move one of the top dogs there to ‘balance’ the star power out.

Well, that’s my take.  You may agree or not…I’d be happy to hear what you think.  (That means type a comment below!)


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