Arsenal Season Over After Manchester City Bore Draw: Next Season Starts

John SmithCorrespondent IApril 26, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 24:  Emmanuel Adebayor of Manchester City looks on during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester City at the Emirates Stadium on April 24, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

What a bunch of boring bollocks.

I´ve never seen a game between the third- and fourth-best teams in the league played with such little vigor, such little passion, such little emotion.

The only flashpoints of the game where when Diaby or Eboue (forgive any underlying misinterpreted racism, I just genuinely didn´t see who took the shot) broke Given´s arm with their fiercely powerful shot towards the right hand bottom corner of the net, Vieira´s introduced to much deserved applause, and Robin van Persie´s "TACKLE" on theonewhosenameshallnotbespoken, to which he responded by laughing like a village idiot, absolute cunt.

I finished playing basketball with some mates just as the first half ended, I felt bad for my Arsenal so I jumped into a cab and headed on down to St. Patrick´s bar for some Bulmer´s in a Magner´s bottle and some wonderful Irish prices. 12 euro to see that shit show.

I feel sad for the arseblogger who made a quite rigorous trip to London from Dublin via boats and other medieval types of transport to see what was in my opinion the worst game of the season.

0-0, maybe 3 shots on target the whole game, neither team looked dangerous, and without exadurating, I think both teams were walking with the ball for at least 50% of the game.

It was like watching Italian football. No actually it was like watching Italian Masters football. Baldini vs. Ravinelli. I think I´d rather watch the Snail vs. the Turtle in an 100m dash.

I´m even disappointed for the Man Shitty fans who made the trip down to see us and wasted all their money on petrol which immediately circulates back into the club because of the oily nature of their owners...Well, okay, I wouldn´t go that far but you get my point.

The game was shit.

3 weeks ago, hell even 2 weeks after before the Spurs defeat one might have thought there was still tank in the gas this season and that we might be able to just sneak one trophy.

Another year without Silverware, now mathematically impossible after Chelsea thumped seven past the Stoke.

Not a great way to sign off on a season which has actually been excellent for the progress of the Club but still feels like getting shot in the toosh, the seering sensation of disappointment coursing through your rectum.

So onto the last two games of the season, win at Blackburn, and I think we´re third. Which is just, we have certainly been the third best team of the season and I have no doubt with RVP fit this season, we would have won the league. At least that´s what I´m telling myself as I cry myself to sleep at night.

Hope that some of you guys will add me as a friend on my new Facebook, this summer I plan on continuing to blog almost every weekday and we can talk garbage about potential transfers between Arsenal and other clubs which suck because they aren´t named Arsenal (Arsenal Sarandi and Arsenal Kiev are spared the tips of my poison darts and arrows in this case).

Not much else to talk about... Did you hear Messi is on his way to Arsenal? Amazing stuff.