" MMA Royalty, Up-N-Comers, Gatekeepers, and The Has Beens "

jason hughesCorrespondent IApril 26, 2010

HOLLYWOOD - MARCH 17:  Undefeated Light Heavyweight contender 'King Mo' Lawal attends the CBS' Strikeforce MMA Fighters Open Media Workout on March 17, 2010 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)
Valerie Macon/Getty Images

In the sport of MMA, as in other combat sports, we have divided the combatants into certain weight classes, and then placed them in their respective divisions.

There is also another classification, which has always been apparent, yet seldom mentioned; it is the royalty, the up-n-comers, the gatekeepers, and finally the has beens.

Georges Rush St-Pierre is MMA royalty in every sense of the term, he is a dominant wrestler in his weight class, born with a naturally gifted talent that only a selected few people on this planet can match.

As a kid GSP learned karate to ward off the bully's, but also showed a great interest in wrestling, but has not taken the sport seriously until now, adding another great weapon to his MMA career.

The UFC French Canadian 170 lb champion has certifiably made a name for himself as a gifted athlete, and not surprisingly has literally made wrestling his bread and butter.

As a matter of fact Georges wrestling was so poor that he could not even use it effectively in his early MMAcareer, opting to use his boxing skills to get him by.

It was not until he joined the Greg Jackson camp and with a little help from teammate's Robert Cerrone and Rashad Evans did St-Pierre really start to flex his wrestling chops.

In my opinion simply gifted athletes such as Georges does not come around very often and like it or not I feel that because he is Canadian he was not taken as seriously as someone from the states might have been.

Is there a stigma attached to Canadians as being "thugs on ice skates" but not really a  threat on the mat, I used to think so also—but Georges Rush St-Pierre has changed my mind on that matter.

He is now a world class wrestler and I believe that he can dictate just about any fight he is in.

But now GSP has some competition in the wrestling department, a man who simply goes by the nickname "King Mo".

Muhammed Lawal is a ball of muscle from head to toe, however, the Texas native, and recently crowned Strikeforce light heavyweight champion, who once wrestled at Oklahoma State, isn't quite royalty yet.

Lawal has a list of credentials which is staggering, but he is so young that he has only a handful of victories; yet, remarkably there is not one loss on the resume of the talented up-n-comer, not yet anyway.

In textbook fashion Lawal did something in his last fight that I did not think was possible, he repeatedly made the great Gegard Mousasi look amateurish, and surprised by Lawal's high level ability's.

It may have not been the prettiest of "King Mo's" wins but it was every bit the effective plan that he wanted, and had the " Dream-catcher" playing catch up all night long, a position Mousasi probably never thought that he would end up in.

Muhammed Lawal likes to hit hard and hit fast and accurate but when he found out that he was probably not the more skilled striker in the cage he simply did what he does best, powerful slams, single and double leg take downs and top position control.

Gegard Mousasi , who had prefight suggested that Lawal would gas and then he would take advantage of the wrestling dynamo, but it was Lawal who showed more heart and stamina than Mousasi had planned.

NOW, down to the point of the article, it is in my opinion that a fight between "GSP" and "King Mo" is needed, and would be a contest between the two best wrestlers in the sport, at this point and time in MMA.

As a fan, I for one would love to see these two get it on in the cage, and do not think for a minute that it would be a wrestling clinic, because both of these great fighters can also use there hands when needed.

If "GSP" thinks he could just go into the cage and take Lawal down at will, I seriously think Georges would be underestimating the up-n-coming phenom.

And if Lawal thinks St-Pierre only has wrestling to fall back on then he too would be making a horrific mistake regarding the well rounded UFC champion.

GSP is fast with his hands and I would say equally fast with his head kicks, but as Lawal has shown, he is equally impressive.

Yes this is a fantasy fight for the two champions who reign over different promotions, yet I would love to see this fight take place, and hopefully within the next few years as I think "King Mo" still needs a few more quality wins .

Muhammed Lawal is a naturally strong wrestler who could cut weight with ease, it is a practice he is comfortable with as a wrestler, a wrestler who has taken on and dominated men twice his size.

GSP is still the MMA royalty though, in my opinion, and Lawal even though already a champion is still a up-n-comer, but for how long will I be able to categorize "King Mo" as just that , a up-n-comer!