WWE Extreme Rules PPV Results From Baltimore, Maryland

Dustin H.Correspondent IApril 25, 2010

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WWE Extreme Rules

Live On PPV Sunday Night April 25th, 2010 8pm ET

From The First Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

Over 12,000 fans packed the First Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland for WWE Extreme Rules on ppv. Matches that would see extreme rules and that is what we seen. Here is the rundown of results from WWE Extreme Rules.

The night starts with HHH Vs Sheamus, but before the match could even begin, Sheamus attacked Triple H in the back and then Sheamus said if Triple H would man up, then he would see him later in the night.

Show Miz would come down to the ring, and Miz would go on a rave about how they are the best tag team ever. Then Miz talks about Bret Hart who will get to say that Show Miz is the best tag team ever on Raw this Monday. Well Teddy Long the General Manager comes out and he lays down the law on Miz, while he continues to go off on Long and makes him even more ticked off. Show would put his hand over the Miz mouth and save them from further damage as Long said that Show Miz would face three tag teams on Sunday night.

Match 1: Show Miz VS R-Truth & John Morrison VS MVP & Mark Henry & Hart Dynasty In A Tag Team Gauntlet Match.

The first of three was R-Truth and John Morrison the match really was good at the start as John Morrison got Show in a submission in the ropes only to get disqualified by the refree on the count. Next team to come down was MVP and the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry this did'nt take long as Miz would use his dirty tricks to take the victory while Big Show nailed Henry with the big boot. The third and final team would be the Hart Dynasty with Bret Hart alongside they rush the ring and knock Big Show out the ring and nail a clothesline on the Miz to take the victory and get a shot at the the tag team titles on Raw Monday night during the three hour event that features the 2010 draft.

Interview with Sheamus who is outside the trainers room with a lead pipe saying he hopes Triple H will face him or forefit.

Match 2:The Barber Shop Match CM Punk VS Rey Mysterio

A quality match with alot of high flying action with Rey Mysterio getting the upper hand after a beating from CM Punk. Luke Gallows and Serena would interfere and the referee would send them to the back. Punk would eventually gain the upper hand over mysterio and hit the GTS go to sleep and take the victory and get to keep his hair for another night.

Match 3:Strap Match Shad Gaspard VS JTG

Shad Gaspard and JTG used to be friends until a few weeks ago on Smackdown when Cryme Tyme broke apart and both went there differ'ent ways but it needed to be settled tonight in a strap match from Baltimore. Shad Gaspard had the upper hand but JTG would hit him hard with the strap several times and hit the four corners to score the victory in this match.

Match 4:World Heavyweight Title Randy Orton VS Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger and Randy Orton had a great match that involved a little bit of everything from trash cans to whatever else they could find to use. Orton took Swagger to the limit but he just would'nt quit. Swagger would win with the gut-wrench power-bomb on Orton and retain his World Heavyweight Title.

Match 5:Sheamus VS Triple H Street Fight

Triple H and Sheamus had a great match and long one at that as both took each other to the limits and Sheamus showed his strength and Triple H showed his skills as well. Triple H and Sheamus battled all around the ring and up the ramp. Triple H nailed Sheamus hard with a kendo stick and left marks but in the end Sheamus reversed a pedigree into back drop on the ramp and continued to work on the neck of Triple H. Sheamus then hit four kicks to the face and neck to score the win in this match.

Match 6:Michelle McCool VS Beth Phoenix Women's Championship Extreme Makeover Match.

Michelle McCool has Layla and Vicky Guerrero at ringside and the makeup is set up on a table. These two women would battle and use everything from makeup to broom sticks and mops as weapons to score the victory. Beth Phoenix would come out on top as the winner and score the win and take the women's title from McCool for the third time.

Match 7:Edge VS Chris Jericho Steel Cage Match

Edge and Chris Jericho have been going at each other for months and had a feud at Wrestlemania, that would continue into a Steel Cage in Baltimore on Sunday night. Edge and Jericho battled as Jericho used his tricks to cheat anyway possible. Jericho gets frustrated as Edge would'nt stay down, he grabs a chair and Edge counters. Edge would use the chair on Jericho as they battle atop the cage and he rams Jericho's head into the cage. Edge wins the match but was'nt done as he used the chair on Jericho and it was a all out assault and when Jericho made it back to his feet he would get the spear and be left laying in the ring.

Match 8:John Cena VS Batista WWE Title Last Man Standing Match

John Cena and Batista also had a good match but the finish was'nt what i had anticipated, none to less John Cena and Batista were about equal as either man really had the upper-hand long in the match. Cena and Batista would use weapon's to there advantage. Cena hit the FU while on top the steps and Batista goes through the announce table. Cena then trys to get the victory with the the 10 count but Batista still would'nt quit. Cena puts Batista's legs around the ring post and duct tapes them and Batista cant get out. Cena wins on the 10 count over Batista and retains the WWE Title.

WWE Monday Night Raw will be live Monday night in Richmond,VA for a three hour action packed Raw. Who will get drafted in the 2010 draft? will we see new Tag Champs? and the fallout from Extreme Rules find out at 8pm Monday night on USA.