Dalejr: Your a Champion

Dottie travisCorrespondent IApril 25, 2010

dose he know that he's my hero? every once in a while someone comes along that warms your heart and soul with out doing an actual thing. 

Dale jr. raced his heart out today. i saw shades of the old junior returning, he was strong his car was fantastic its just no one could or would run with junior because he was so fast and so good. he got on the bottom that was awful because he is use to running the top line. thats where he is quickest but today it where he could find a running mate.

and on the question of running in july did you hear junior is gonna be driving his fathers car though reluctantly. i personally dont want him to drive it, his fathers car and #3 is retired has anyone stopped to think about juniors feelings

everyone happy because the #3 is coming back with an Earnhardt driving it, i dont want him to get hurt, and driving that car will cut like a knife his father died in that car dosnt anyone consider that fact.

its been 9 years yes i know, he is a grown man 35 years old i know this too but #1 the pain of loosing his father has Never gone away he was close to his father, and #2 I dont care if he is 135 years old I will always be devoted to dalejr. and want to protect him. Until he hangs up his keys for good. 

I think before we go cheering and hurrahing that junior is gonna be driving his dads wrangler #3 car we better check his feelings and though he may say it dosnt bother just look into his bueatiful blue eyes and ask him DO you want to drive this car if not dont force him.

let him decide for himself to honor his dad in his own way but please dont make him drive that car.

No-one misses the #3 as much as Me, but i will not not even to see that #3 on the track, force Junior to drive it, it isnt fair to him. dosnt his feelings count in this decision ?

Just my opinion.