The NHL's Top Jerseys in 2008: No. 25-21

Tim BogdanskyCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

25) Panthers

The Good: They kept the logo, font, and colors. Definitely look like a team from Florida. Piping isn't all that bad, especially on the home jersey.

The Bad: Why the half stripe on the sleeves? Plus there is minimal blue in the away uniforms and that needs to change. Logo needed a face lift. How about a panther that actually looks more fierce than a kitty?

24) Lightning

The Good: Major upgrade in doing away with the shoulder stripes, and the logo needed some tweaking.

The Bad: Chest numbers. This is an awful idea. On the ice, the unis look a bit boring, and the logo would be much improved without the "Tampa Bay".

23) Sharks

The Good: Love the new logo.

The Bad: They stuck a modernized logo onto a somewhat traditional uniform. Oh, let's add orange. Now they're the Dolphins. The old jerseys would have welcomed the logo rather than make it look like it's stuck wit nowhere to go. Oh, and chest numbers.

22) Predators

The Good: Didn't mess a whole lot with the overall feel of the uniform.

The Bad: Definitely a downgrade from seasons past. The road uni looks like a sweatshirt and why does the logo need to be on a background. Oh, and do I love the "Nashville" printed over the logo. Why??

21) Wild

The Good: The home uniform. Say what you want about the colors but on the ice, they have a classy, yet modern feel (is that possible?). I love the logo as well.

The Bad: The road uniform. Looks nothing like the home sweater and while it has character, it would be a much more effective look if it mimicked the home red.


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