Chris Jericho: Breaking Down the Walls of Ignorance, One Insult at a Time

JVCXVCorrespondent IApril 25, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestler Chris Jericho appears in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Now, before all of the “gelatinous tape-worms” and “parasitic sycophants” try to substantiate the hypocrisy of Chris Jericho's sanctimonious character, think about this for a second. How many of those words did you actually know before Jericho used them in a promo?

Currently, we live in a world where sending text messages and typing Tweets have become commonplace. In this world, we now place a premium on the lowest number of characters we are required to type for us to get our message across.

Many folks have just chalked this up to the fact that this is simply the natural evolution of how our technological society has evolved when it comes to communication.

While that argument does have a ring of truth,  it doesn't take away from the idea that this “evolution of communication” is leading to the deterioration of our languages, both spoken and written.

Enter Jericho, a man who's heel character is a walking dictionary in a world that many times could obviously use one (myself included).

In this PG era, a time in which the WWE is focusing their programming toward the youth of tomorrow, a self-righteous wordsmith character is a great idea. Although, to be fair, I think this would be a great idea, be it PG era or otherwise.

Here's why.

Have you ever been in a place where people are speaking in a way that you don't understand? Then, as someone is talking, you hear a word or see a facial expression that gives you the impression that they were speaking about you in a manner that was not complementary?

What is the first reaction you are going to have, once you are overcome with that feeling?

I would hazard to guess that the first reaction is an overwhelming emotion to find out exactly what that person has just said to you, or about you.

I could only imagine the number of hits, sites like Google or must have received when Jericho first used the words “sycophant,” “troglodytes,” or “cognisant." I wonder if the WWE was even aware, realized, or perceived this fact, when they proceeded with his character.

This natural reaction is great, because people are given a compelling reason to expand their vocabulary, which expands their knowledge. This, in essence, makes Jericho's character the wrestling fans equivalent of word of the day toilet paper, which is by no means an insult.

This greatness is even furthered, when you factor in all the wrestling naysayers who put down wrestling, and its followers.   

Think about it, most wrestling detractors try to berate the product by pointing out the obvious fact of it being scripted. They, then take this fact, and conclude with their assumptions, that for someone to enjoy something that is predetermined, means they are an uneducated simpleton.

However, when a main character in this play that we like to call professional wrestling, comes out and waxes poetically with terminology that the masses can't understand, it makes us as wrestling fans, curious. This curiosity gets the better of us, and we, like the aforementioned example, have to find out the meaning of what he said.

This, in essence, makes what was mindless entertainment, into an eye-opening educational experience that is putting a premium on linguistic skills.

When the wrestling misanthropist should happen to “accidentally” stumble upon a show, and Jericho is center stage, they will be stumped, and we will have that feeling that we craved as kids when we could say the phrase, “I know something you don't!”   

I surmise that a couple of thank you's are in order. The first one goes to the WWE, for bestowing to us an evil genius that has the vocabulary to back up his intellect. 

Finally, thanks must be given to the man himself, Jericho. 

Thank you Chris, for changing your character from a rambunctious energetic entertainer into this axiomatic, iniquitous, bombastic wordsmith.

You keep up the unpleasantries, and I will continue to be enlightened by them.