NASCAR: Drivers Switching Teams Keeping Merchandise In The Closet?

Michael LiddleContributor IJuly 16, 2008

The online NASCAR store is one of the most colorful and exciting websites to be on a week before going to a NASCAR race—from JR Nation mugs for the cool morning, to a FedEx tent awning for those sunburnt afternoons, and even gear for your too-young-to-cheer children to represent.

Showing your true colors on race day is one reason why NASCAR is so fun and colorful.  You cannot turn your head without seeing a number, 00-99, planted on someone's noggin.

With competition getting fierce with the addition of Toyota motors, the further use of the COT, and younger drivers, it is no wonder that a lot of the teams are changing their dynamics.

New sponsors and drivers have been a big issue in the midst of a year that saw the most popular NASCAR team change of the millennium so far.

With one signature, Dale Earnhardt Jr. recruited Bud drinkers to switch to doing the Dew, and fans are wearing it proudly.  I cannot imagine how much money was spent in order for Jr. fans to be up-to-date with cheering for their favorite driver.

Me, not being a part of the Jr. Nation, did not have to spend a dime to keep up with my team player...Tony Stewart.  The 10-year, two-time Home Depot champion was certainly not going to switch teams with such a strong Camry on his side.

Well, technically he didn't.  He announced the beginning of a new Tony Stewart era!  The Stewart-Haas racing team will have two drivers in the 2009 season, including Stewart himself.

Now, this did not make me unhappy until I looked at my brand-new, embroidered, $100 Home Depot twill jacket.  It is trash to me now.

The Smoke legacy with the No. 20 team is over. This jacket is one of the many articles of clothing, BBQ gear, and underwear I have.

My point is, how can fans expect to keep supporting their favorite driver vividly, when sponsor and team changes are occurring so often.  It would take a fortune for me to rebuild a Tony Stewart collection once again!

Don't get me wrong.  I do understand that this is big business, and there are a lot of people making money from new merchandise.  I just wish I could have known about the fall of the No. 20 dynasty a bit sooner.

Maybe I would have spent more money at Home Depot fixing my toilet rather than a banner that attracts people to my house looking for a screwdriver set.