Boston Breakers vs. St. Louis Athletica: A Play-By-Play (and Other Miscellany)

Jo-Ryan SalazarSenior Analyst IApril 25, 2010

T-120 minutes to kickoff: In this next installment of the 2010 WPS Play-By-Play (and Other Miscellany) series, we take a look at the this week's featured match between the Boston Breakers and St. Louis Athletica.

T-110: St. Louis Athletica is coming off a 1-1- draw with Chiago, while the Breakers are also coming off a 1-1 draw with the Philadelphia Independence.

Felisha Mariscal is our match official for today's contest.

T-60: The line-ups...

Manager: Jorge Barcellos
Formation: 4-4-2
Colors: Green tops, shorts and socks

1 Hope Solo

12 Elise Weber ---- 8 Tina Ellertson ---- 4 Kendall Fletcher ---- 3 Carolyn Blank

17 Lori Chalupny (C) ---- 7 Shannon Boxx ---- 25 Tina DiMartino ---- 6 Aya Miyama

19 Madelaine Edlund ---- 9 Eniola Aluko


5 Lindsay Tarpley
11 India Trotter
21 Niki Cross
22 Sarah Wagenfuhr
18 Ashlyn Harris
23 Veronica Perez
13 Sarah Teegarden


Manager: Tony Dicicco
Formation: 4-4-2
Colors: White tops, lught blue shorts, white socks

24 Ashley Phillips

22 Alex Scott ---- 6 Amy LePeilbet ---- 17 Kasey Moore ---- 14 Stephanie COx

15 Fabiana ---- 2 Chioma Igwe ---- 12 Leslie Osborne ---- 13 Kristine Lilly (C)

10 Kelly Smith ---- 8 Lauren Cheney


7 Liz Bogus
88 Tiffany Weimer
1 Alysson Naeher
4 Jordan Angeli
16 Laura Del Rio


1' - And we are off.

2' - This is a small crowd that has come down to the Anheuser-Busch Soccer Park.

4' - Kelly Smith with a hard tackle. She is exerting her presence. St. Louis will need to be cautious.

8' - Here's Eniola Aluko. Her delivery from the left side is wide, and will result in a goal kick.

14' - Corner for Boston is fou naught.

15' - A wry little boy is asking "Are we on television?" Yes you are, young man. Yes you are.

16' - Aya Miyama sets things up for Athletica, but here come the Breakers.

17' - I would like to let you know that earlier this weekend, FC Gold Pride defeated the Atlanta Beat 2-1.

18' - A looping volley from Stephanie Cox goes into the hands of Hope Solo. And she almost paid for the bad clearance by saving a shot from Kelly Smith. Corner for Boston.

19' - A chance for Chioma Igwe is cleared. Heavy action in Athletica's half. A punch-out by Hope Solo, and here is Aluko.

20' - Madaleine Edlund is there to provide help defensively. Here is Fabiana, and Lori Chalupny is there to made a stop. 20 minutes and change into the match, and we have a corner for Boston.

21' - GOAL! Boston Breakers 17 Kacey Moore Assist 10 Kelly Smith.
The Breakers took it short on the corner and St. Louis bit on the dummy pass. Moore opens her account. Stay tuned, fans, for Moore of the same from Boston's #17 this season.

22' - St. Louis is behind the 8-ball, and are in need of an equalizer.

26' - Foul on Boston. Barcellos is not looking very pleased. Free kick Athletica.

27' - GOAL! St. Louis Athletica 3 Carolyn Blank Assist 19 Madelaine Edlund, 8 Tina Ellertson.
That is Blank's first-ever goal. A great way for the rookie to open her account off the free kick by Aya Miyama.

28' - Ladies and gentlemen on the View, on Bleacher Report and on the Fan Corner...we have ourselves a game! It's 1-1.

29' - Goal kick for Boston. Edlund was there to make the stop.

30' - St. Louis is not too far from Kansas City, and as a result, the pitch conditions have not been favorable. Unless you are Eniola Aluko, who is used to these wet conditions playing with Birmingham City, Charlton Athletic and Chelsea.

32' - Here's Aluko, and her cross is deflected for a St. Louis corner.

33' - Offsides on Aluko.

35' - A high shot for Alex Scott goes for naught. Goal kick for Solo.

37' - Aluko could not get to that cross, and it's a goal kick. Here comes Athletica. Too high a delivery.

38' - Dangerous chance for Boston. A couple of saves from Hope Solo, and the rest of her team is there to clear it away. Another chance goes out for a goal kick.

39' - Boston has been releasing the teabags on St. Louis this half.

41' - St. Louis had a couple of chances. Aluko's timing was off on the header, and a chance for Chalupny on the delivery resulted in a slip on the pitch.

42' - Osborne is limping a little right now. Corner for Miyama wide right. No one in the neighborhood. It's a corner.

45' - One minute of stoppage time. Blatant shot by Lauren Cheney.

Yellow Card Lauren Cheney
Boston Breakers

45' + 1' - Phillips saves the last shot of the half.


St. Louis Athletica 1
Carolyn Blank 27'

Boston Breakers 1
Kacey Moore 21'


46' - The second half in underway. Who will gain the advantage here?

Substitution St. Louis Athletica

IN 21 Niki Cross
OUT 19 Madelaine Edlund

48' - Good challenge by Ellertson, but it almost was trouble for her.

49' - Fabiana with a throw-in. Cross right now is being used by Barcellos as a way to neutralize Lauren Cheney's chances in the Breakers' attacking third.

50' - Chicago and Sky Blue FC are scoreless, while Philadelphia and Washington are also scoreless.

52' - Good technical savvy from Aya Miyama. Athletica rests as the percussion sets the rhythm. Not a wise shot from Aluko, but I do like the bravery.

54' - Some good chances right there for St. Louis. Osborne dispossesses.

55' - Fletcher is the latest to fall prey to the turf. No one in the neighborhood. And DiCicco is not amused by the incidental content.

56' - Nonetheless, play continues. Sky Blue FC is not on the board, and leads the Chicago Red Stars 1-0. The Washington Freedom also lead Philadelphia Independence 1-0.

59' - Hope Solo grabs that one. Philadelphia quickly evens the score to make it 1-1.

Boston is resetting on possession, but what will they make out of this? Corner for the Breakers.

61' - Kristine Lilly and Kelly Smith didn't click on that connection.

Substitution Boston Breakers
IN 16 Laura Del Rio
OUT 15 Fabiana

62' - That was a great save from Ashley Phillips on a shot from Eniola Aluko. She wants the go-head goal, Eniola does.

63' - Solo has made six saves so far for St. Louis.

64' - It's now 2-1 Philadelphia over Washington. Could they be earning their first-ever victory in franchise history? Stay tuned...

Substitution Boston Breakers
IN 4 Jordan Angeli
OUT 2 Chioma Igwe

65' - Foul on Boston, free kick for St. Louis.

67' - Both sides are scrapping for the go-ahead goal. I have to be gagging at the WPS Match Tracker. All they show are "SHOT, SUB, SHOT, FOUL, SUB, SHOT..." Couldn't they at least paint a better picture of what the heck is going on at the Brewery?

68'- Here is Aya Miyama, but Carolyn Blank is making this Athletica team shoot blanks deep into the second half.

74' - Substitution St. Louis Athletica
IN 5 Lindsay Tarpley
OUT 25 TIna DiMartino

76' - Phillips had to go off her line for that one. It's looking like a full-blown rout right now down in West Chester. Philadephia leads Washington 3-1.

77' - Kristine Lilly could not finish the delivery from Laura Del Rio. Niki Cross clears that away, and now here comes Athletica.

79' - SUbstitution Boston Breakers
IN 88 Tiffany Weimer
OUT 10 Kelly Smith

80' - Ten minutes to go and stoppage time, and it's still 1-1.

81' - Offsides on Chalupny, to the disgust of the home crown. Barcellos is looking on with anticipation and patience.

82' - Too many high crosses from Fletcher and Aluko. Goal kick Athletica.

83'- And the misery of Aluko continues with poor finishing off the Miyama cross. Goal kick.

85' - Here's Boston on the transition, and that cross is rounded up by the St. Louis defense.

86' - Seven shots on goal for the Breakers compared to four from Athletica.

87' - Substitution St. Louis Athletica
IN 11 India Trotter
OUT 9 Eniola Aluko

Not a good afternoon for Eniiola Aluko. Trotter, an alum of Florida State, gets her first minutes on the pitch of the Brewery.

90' - One minute of stoppage time on the way. Long free kick for Aya Miyama. That did not work well. And Boston's chance also goes by the wayside.

90' + 1' - So after both teams draw 1-1 last week...they draw 1-1 with each other this week. Ah, the power of parity.


Carolyn Blank 27'

Kacey Moore 21'

Stay tuned tomorrow for your next edition of the WPS Power Rankings, sure to be loaded with movers and shakers and thoughts aplenty.


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