Carl Edwards: No Backflips—Sprains or Broken Bones—At Omaha

Nikki HechtCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

At least Omaha didn't break Carl Edwards this year! 

Last year Carl Edwards came to I-80 Speedway and ended up spraining  his thumb in an accident that left us without seeing the famous back flip.  It also had Edwards going into Omaha to visit Lakeside hospital.  And leaving the joke amongst those of us in Omaha we broke Carl Edwards.

(Just a small little side note—my uncle was working there that night.  He didn't actually wait on Edwards or even see him since he is a high-risk OB/GYN and Carl only sprained his thumb.  He didn't know he had been there until I called him the next day to tell him he had a celebrity in his hospital.)

This year, the Second Annual Carl Edwards Night was July 13th, and Edwards made it without a broken or sprained bone.   He raced against his brother Kenny again (Kenny races out at I-80 often and is becoming a favorite driver of this race fan). 

Last year, Kenny famously had a sticker on the back of his car reading Carl Who? 

The weather for the night's race was 100% perfect!  Not a cloud in the sky, not too hot, not too humid—very non-typical July Nebraska weather.  It made it very enjoyable to go sit out at the dirt track after working in the backyard.

Carl started the night in the seventh spot and Kenny started 15th.  Carl drove the 99 car (duh right?), and Kenny was in his 25 car. 

As the race wore on, the night didn't go so well for either of the Edwards brothers.  Carl ended up finishing the night 11th and Kenny finished 19th.  Carl and Kenny's dad, Carl Sr., raced earlier in the night in the IMCA Crate Models-A Feature, starting 10th and finished in eighth place.  

The picture used came from I-80 Speedway's website and their amazing on track photographers! If you're ever in the Omaha area, you should check out our track, it's great! The Kosiski family has done a great job with it!