Brett Favre: Did the NFL Ask Him to Play Again?

Ryan FridayCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

It's everywhere, everywhere you look. Every sports newspaper, magazine, channel, radio station, heck, even Madden '09 is saying it—just look at who's on the damn cover: Brett Favre wants back in.

And I thought to myself, oh man Brett Favre, not you again.  You can't possibly want to come's stupid (and you'll soon read why). I, for one, am annoyed that this is all I'm hearing about when it comes to NFL news.

Don't they have anything else?

So...this is my only logical conclusion as to why Brett Favre is considering returning: because the NFL told him to.

I can only imagine that after all these damn delinquent acts of misdemeanor by NFL players—DUI's, drugs, dog fighting, etc.—the NFL needed something positive and entertaining to deliver.

I mean it is the offseason, so it's not like they can talk about another New England Patriot domination of some team, or how Terrell Owens needs to stop crying. 

Nothing has been so entertaining to hear about in the world of the NFL lately, so hey, the commissioner calls up Brett Favre and goes,

“Our ratings are going down, Brett Favre, we need your help."

Why? Why isn't it because he "still has it in him?" Plain and simple: because he TOLD US SO. A few months back he said, “Yeah I'm done guys, I'm retiring. Finally, I know, but yeah I'm done." 

He said it, and with promise that he won't reconsider. Well, at least that's what I thought, and what every other NFL fan who is not a Packers fan thought.

But wait a minute, a lot of you may be saying, (especially unrealistic Packer fans), "He had such a successful season! He got the Packers to the NFC Conference Championship game! Favre Forever!"

My response is this: Were you saying this two seasons ago? I recall several NFL fans, and from some of your favorite sports analysts from your favorite sports cable broadcast channels, had said that Favre needs to retire, but that he won't of course.

I even heard, “Yes, he's washed up he's done." 

So who's to say he may go back to those days where we saw his skills aging and instincts slow down...again? I mean these Packer fans doing their rallying and whatnot to get Favre back with the Packers have chosen to forget some of his inconsistent play before last season.

Well, I guess that doesn't matter. What matters more importantly is that he retired already and to me, it's just idiotic to just change your mind a few months later, where the team and coaches have already planned and accustomed themselves to Aaron Rodgers being their quarterback.

I know there may be a few months left before the season starts, but considering Aaron Rodgers' lack of experience, I think he needs all the time he can get to prepare himself as the starter.

Now Favre wants to go ahead and come in there and ruin everything.

But I want to give Favre the benefit of the doubt that he really isn't that idiotic to screw the Packers, at least by his own will.  He definitely is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and I'm not saying he doesn't still have it in him. 

I admit he probably still can play and did have an awesome "comeback" season last year, which no one saw coming.

Every expert analyst did not put the Packers to win the NFC North last year, I guarantee it. Even the Lions were a favorite over the Packers to win it. So as a previously successful quarterback, I suppose he should be given the chance.

But no, he said he was done so he should be done.

And he's smart enough to know that coming back, after all the dramatic speeches, uproar, and attention we gave him when he retired that indeed this was all wasted time spent, especially for the Packer fans, who ironically still want him to return after that supposed wasted time spent.

I, for one, would be pissed. “You put us all through the crap of you retiring, and now you just wanna come back? I sent you a card man! and flowers! damn it."

So I saw it as an illogical explanation that Favre chose to come back and stir things up again. So, to get people interested in NFL news in the offseason, the NFL TOLD HIM TO COME BACK. 

One side note, and perhaps the biggest reason why I wrote this article:

As a 49er fan, it's my job to talk bad about Packers’ fans. And I want to say, aren't you tired that all you hear about Packer football is Brett Favre this, Brett Favre that? More so, aren't you tired of Brett Favre?

It's time for you all to move on! We're over Joe Montana, we're over Steve Young. We've moved on. It's time for you to join the teams that are struggling to find their new QB of the future!

It's inevitable. I'm sure you were all jump for joy when you heard the news that you may not have to sit through Aaron Rodgers struggling and throwing interceptions and whatnot. Don't worry, you'll find it.

I mean look at Dallas—ever since Troy Aikman, they hadn't found anyone, but then Tony Romo came along. After Joe Montana, we were worried but then we found Steve Young, then Jeff Garcia.

And Denver seems to be doing pretty decent with Jay Cutler, though it took them a while after John Elway left. Don't worry.  I like Aaron Rodgers by the way.  Everything is going to be A-OK.

If you hadn't notice, this is utter mocking of you Packers Fans. C'mon give me your best shot.