Scott Jorgensen Should Be the Next WEC Bantamweight Contender

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst IApril 25, 2010

A few fans of the WEC may have been wondering who will be the first in line to challenge for Dominick Cruz's WEC bantamweight championship. After last night's first ever pay per view for the WEC, there should be little doubts left in their mind.

The opening bout of the card was the anticipated rematch between Scott "Young Guns" Jorgensen and Antonio Banuelos, where both fighters put it all on the line and delivered an exciting, back and forth battle for three rounds.

Normally, their high-pace fight would have set the tempo for the rest of the card, but those honors had already gone to the previous fight between Leonard Garcia and Chan Sung Jung, so Jorgensen and Banuelos just kept that momentum rolling.

Usually known for being a skilled grappler, Jorgensen once again showed his versatility by stalking Banuelos on his feet for the majority of the fight. Banuelos, who is the better boxer, was actually losing most of the exchanges in the stand-up.

After being dropped in the first round by a counter left hook, Jorgensen recovered and began to establish himself as the fight went on, as well as returning the favor by flooring Banuelos in rounds two and three.

After going all three rounds, it was pretty clear who had won the rematch and the judges agreed, awarding the unanimous decision to Jorgensen with a score of 29-28.

With this victory, Jorgensen has now rattled off four straight victories inside the WEC cage in impressive fashion. He has won six of his last seven with his lone loss in that time frame coming in the first fight against Banuelos, and many people believe that Jorgensen should have earned that win as well.

Jorgensen has done more than enough to rightfully fight for the WEC bantamweight championship against Dominick Cruz.

Many people might say, "What about Joseph Benavidez?"

What about him?

Yes, Benavidez is coming off a huge victory over former bantamweight champion Miguel Torres, but he has only won two fights since losing to Cruz.

It's too early for a rematch between Benavidez and Cruz anyways. If the first fight between them was a controversial decision, then maybe, but it wasn't as Cruz won definitively in the minds of all three judges cage side.

Besides, it's time to reward Jorgensen for his two years of hard work inside the WEC cage. He comes into every fight and gives it his all for the fans and never plays it safe, which is exactly what you want in a title contender.

Like the champion, Jorgensen is mostly known for his grappling ability, but he also has a polished stand-up game. He basically brings in a well-rounded style that may very well be a challenge to the elusive champion Cruz.

A fight between the two would offer up a very intriguing chess match as they have somewhat similar styles. Additionally, fans have yet to see these guys collide in the cage, unlike the scenario of Benavidez getting the title shot.

Scott Jorgensen just seems like the most logical choice to be the next WEC bantamweight championship contender.