Give Me the NHL Playoffs Over the NBA Playoffs Anyday

Scott McDowellContributor IIApril 25, 2010

MONTREAL- APRIL 21:  Alex Ovechkin #8 of the Washington Capitals celebrates his first period goal in Game Four of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals during the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre on April 21, 2010 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)
Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

By: Max Lush and Hunter McDowell

Did you hear? Kevin Garnett was suspended from Game Two of the Boston Celtics-Miami Heat series for throwing an elbow! GASP! I heard about it too, and then I thought to myself, man does the NBA suck or what?

Sure, this may be due to the fact my favorite team, the Sacramento Kings, haven’t been relevant since the days of ‘The Bench Mob ’, or it could be that NBA basketball is just flat out boring. If you put a college basketball game in front of me and an NBA game in front of me, you bet your ass I am watching the college game.

Or this could all be due to the fact that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are on at the same time, and quite frankly kick the ass of the NBA Playoffs, HARD.

Am I the only one amazed that hockey players play 82-games a season (the same as the NBA)? Because this simply blows my mind. These guys play back-to-back games sometimes, get driven into walls, lay their bodies down on ice in front of 95 MPH slap shots, oh, and did I mention that they are on FREAKIN’ ICE?

I swear, hockey players can skate better than I can walk, it is stupid. Guess what NBA players, I can run too, and hell I can even make sure that my shoe stays tied for a whole day!

In the world of overpaid athletes, hockey players are the only ones that come close to deserving what they are paid.

What does a hockey player get for throwing an elbow like Garnett did? Two minutes in the penalty box! Actually, if it was like Garnett’s situation (in a fracas after a whistle) the offender probably wouldn’t even be penalized. Maybe two for roughing.

What does a hockey player get for fighting in the middle of a game? Well, other than a round of applause from their teammates, five minutes for fighting (hey like the band!). So, someone please tell me why NBA basketball is more popular than the NHL; seriously, tell me.

I know that basketball is an American sport, I go to the University of Kansas: Our first coach invented basketball. I also know that Americans tend to not like to agree with Canadians, and hockey being their national sport, it’s only natural that we disregard/denigrate it, right?

Well my answer is simply no. It is not natural, because hockey is awesome. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are by far the best playoffs of any major sport, in my opinion (The Champions League is also cool). The level of play in every series is so high that any mistake may cost a team the game.

You want parity? The Stanley Cup Playoffs have it. Currently, lower seeds are 16-14 against the higher ranked teams.

You want tradition? There is no trophy in sports better than the Lord Stanley’s Cup. Not only does every member of the winning team (including trainers) get their name engraved for eternal glory, but also each person gets to spend an entire day with the trophy to do whatever they want. How awesome is it that a player can bring the most iconic symbol in his sport back to his hometown where his love for the game originated?

You want a fast-paced game? There is no sport out there that is faster (well NASCAR, but come on). By being able to substitute players on the fly, players basically sprint until the end of their shift.

I get a little tired of having a TV timeout after every four minutes of play in basketball. Hell, in the NFL, there is only 11 minutes of ACTUAL game play. YOU MEAN I CAN GET KILLER ABS AND STILL WATCH THE LAST FOUR MINUTES OF A GAME?

You want physicality? I’ll just refer to this , this , and this . Also, besides MMA, wrestling, and boxing, in what other sport is fighting just, you know, a part of the game ?

Since I love all of these, I will continue to watch hockey, and maybe someday you will too, because if I have to see one more basketball player jump INTO the defender and have it somehow be a defensive foul, I’m going to lose it.