Barry Bonds and Hank Steinbrenner Bring Yankees Back to Power

matt smithFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2008

It's not October without the New York Yankees making a run at another World Series Title. Since 1995, the Yankees have been a constant in October. Another constant has been George Steinbrenner.

Since 1973, the boss has been doing everything in his power to get the Yankees to the pinnacle of baseball. Now, their playoff hopes are threatened as a new era in Yankees history begins. The Hank Steinbrenner era.

Hank Steinbrenner clearly is not afraid of controversy. That is why he will be able to keep the Yankees as the premier franchise in all of sports. Here are the two moves which he can make in order to get the Yankees back to the top.

1. Sign Barry Bonds.

With Hideki Matsui's return becoming less probable by the day, the Yankees need another bat in their lineup.

Barry Bonds will not only equal Hideki's output, but he will also improve A-Rod because he will see more quality pitches with a more intimidating presence batting behind him. Barry has unfairly been made the scapegoat of the steroids era.

It has been made out that he is the only guy who used them and gained the unfair benefits from them. The pitchers whom he has faced have almost all used performance enhancing drugs.

His stat line from last season is still good enough to make him one of the top 20 hitters in the major leagues.

GM   AB     R    H  2B  3B HR RBI SB CS BB  SO  BA    OBP   SLG

126  340   75   94  14  0  28   66   5  0 132  54  .276  .480  .565   

2. Trade for Erik Bedard

Ian Kennedy, Alan Horne, and Melky Cabrera for Erik Bedard. Erik Bedard is still a great pitcher. Over the last three years including this one, his era is under 3.7.

They are both quality prospects, but with the pitching depth in the Yankees minor league system and also the high chance that at the end of the year the Yankees will sign C.C. Sabathia, the Yankees can afford to trade two of their quality pitching prospects.

Melky Cabrera is a better player than he is showing, but the Yankees can still do without him. Austin Jackson looks like he will be the long term solution in center field, and Brett Gardner can do a good job in the position while he is developing.

Once Chien-Ming Wang returns, the Yankees can have a dominant pitching staff of Wang, Bedard, Mussina, Pettite, and Chamberlain.

That will also enable the Yankees to send Phil Hughes back to the minors so that he can improve his confidence and revert back to his old arm angle which gave him more speed and movement on his fastball.

In addition to these moves, a lot of the Yankees have to improve their output for the team to be successful. Derek Jeter has to bring his average back up to .300 so that A-Rod and the other big hitters will have more opportunities to drive in runs.

Robinson Cano will also have to bring his average up to .270 at least, preferably .280. He has been heating up coming to the All-Star game, and he needs to continue for the Yankees to be successful.

As long as the lineup is more consistent on a daily basis and the Yankees add those two players, or some comparable ones Hank Steinbrenner will start his career off with success.

Signing Barry Bonds can be the move that will help Hank Steinbrenner get the Yankees to the postseason.