HARDROCK MMA in Florence, KY

Mike SContributor IApril 24, 2010

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The actions starts live at 8:00 ET.

Jacob Byrd vs. Nathan Roach

Catch weight of 160 lbs—And we're off. 

Quick action by the two youngsters. A nice transition by Byrd who grabbed Roach’s back. 

Each changed positions in a very good first round. A very tight round. 

I give it to Byrd 10-9. 

Second Round

Byrd transitioned into a nice RNC, which Roach defended but suffered several blows to the side of the head, forcing referee Jamie Toney to stop the fight. 

Official Decision— Byrd via TKO due to strikes

Michael Eaton vs. Mike Rudick


An impressive knee by Rudick from the Thai clinch ended the fight very quickly. 

Rudick, from Son of Siam, showed his Muay Thai training under the direction of Nathan Fitch. 

Official Decision—Rudick via KO in :14 into the First Round

Jacob Wethington vs. James Douglas

Catch Weight of 142 lbs

Both fighters showboated a bit, especially Douglas, who entered the cage from the stands instead of the entrance. 

After they settled down, Wethington landed a big shot, but Douglas maintained his composure.

After a nice sweep he grabbed a nice RNC. 

Official Decision— Douglas via tap out due to a RNC

Cory Nordwick vs. Corey Siffell


Nordwick forgot his cup thus had to head backstage. 

Immediately, the Jeopardy theme song played, which got a chuckle from the crowd. 

Siffell topped the drama by entering with a bandanna on his face in outlaw style. 

Siffell quickly dropped some heavy bombs from the top position and forced Nordwick to give up his back 1:18 into the First round. 

Official Decision— Siffell via tap out due to a RNC

Derik Byrd vs. Stephen Singleton


A back and forth first round with little action when Singleton grabbed a Triangle Choke with less than ten seconds left. 

Byrd tapped with three seconds left. 

Official Decision— Singleton via tap out due to a Triangle Choke

Zac Mullins vs. Will Ramirez


Good first round as they open up quickly with action. 

Finally Mullins grabbed the top position and dominated from there with some heavy ground and pound forcing a stoppage via TKO. 

Official Decision— Mullins via TKO due to strikes

Joey Lowery vs. Aaron Hatton


An excellent and exciting first round. 

Both fighters threw technique to the way side, and threw some wild shots, getting the crowd into it. 

The round ends with Lowery in control. 

A close first round goes to Lowery.

Second Round

At the break, Nathan Fitch was telling Hatton to settle down and use technique. 

He did so, and dominated from there, forcing a tap out due to strikes. 

Official Decision— Hatton via tap out due to strikes

Mike Marripodi vs. Kenny Warrix


Warrix quickly took Marripodi to the ground and dominated from there forcing a referee stoppage. 

Official Decision— Warrix via TKO due to strikes

Bobby Swakhamer vs. Matt Johnson


A back and forth start saw Johnson get caught in an arm bar. 

He managed to reverse it and gain the top position. 

A very good first round—best of the night. 

I give it to Johnson 10-9. 

Second Round

Swakhamer gained the top position and worked into a full mount. 

Johnson had an incredible sweep and fell into Bobby’s guard. 

A very good second round and a very technical fight. Easily the best of the evening thus far. 

Johnson up 20-18 going into the final round. 

Third Round

Johnson gained the top position until the referee stood them up.

As they resumed, Bobby landed a solid upper cut, which took the fight to the ground. 

Johnson managed to gain his wits and gain top position. 

Bobby swept Johnson and grabbed his bank and landed a RNC forcing Johnson to tap out. 

Johnson’s corner disputed the call but the referee and the judges all saw a tap. 

Easily the best and most professional level fight of the night.  

Official Decision— Bobby Swakhamer via tap out due to a RNC

Tanen Roe vs. Shaun Asher

Light Heavyweight

A tough first round. 

Roe had control but he didn’t do anything with it. He grabbed a guillotine choke but Asher escaped. 

He managed to get top position. 

A close round. 

Judges typically give this to Roe but he did nothing with top control. 

Second Round

More of the same as Roe used his girth to keep top control. 

In this round he did attempt some submissions and won the round.

Third Round

Asher went for a take down where Roe grabbed a RNC and forced Asher to tap out. 

Official Decision— Tanen Roe via tap out due to a RNC

Zach Sanders vs. Jason Wolf

Light weight

Sanders is 9-0 and Wolf is 6-3-1. 

A great match-up.

A very good start to the fight as both fighters used very good footwork. 

A great first round with a slight edge to Sanders 10-9. 

Second Round

A very good start on the feet as both fighters used great movement to escape. 

Sanders had the top position but nothing really happened. 

A very tough round to score. I give it to Sanders 2-1. 

Third Round

Sanders did more of the same as he held a take down then unleashed with a fury of fists. 

Sanders should win 30-27. 

Official Decision— Sanders via UD 30-27

David Bernas vs. Joe Maiani

Ammy Featherweight Title

A good start with Maiani catching Bernas’ kick, in the process, eating a straight right. 

The fight goes to the ground with Joe landing several shots. 

Bernas showed his quickness by regaining his balance and pulling Joe into his guard. 

A good first round, I give it to Maiani due to his control. 

Second Round

Bernas faked in and landed a wicked right hand which stunned Maiani. 

He showed his toughness, as he often does, and got the top position. 

Maiani then grabbed his back and forced Bernas to tap out via a RNC. 

Official Decision— Maiani via tap out due to what is being described as a neck crank

5 Minute Intermission Then Pro Fights

Mike Jacobs vs. Tony Parker


After a few shots, Jacobs gained top position but fell into a guillotine choke. 

Jacobs quickly tapped out. 

Official Decision— Tony Parker via tap out due to a guillotine choke.

Heather Corder vs. Marissa Caldwell

145 lb Female

Caldwell landed an impressive take down and gained the top position. 

She gained a full mount and unloaded, which forced Corder, to give up her back. 

Corder spun out but got caught in an arm bar. She again escaped and was quickly taken down. 

Caldwell grabbed a RNC which Corder again escaped. 

Finally Caldwell sunk in an arm bar and finished the fight via tap out. 

Official Decision— Caldwell via tap out due to an Armbar

Josh Clark vs. George Oiler

190 lb Catch Weight

This should be a great fight between two guys who are 2-0. 

Clark has a distinctive height and reach advantage but Oiler landed a few leg kicks to start the fight. 

Clark landed a wicked strike that sends Oiler to the ground. 

Oiler regrouped quickly and took Clark to the ground. Oiler kept control and landed several strikes. 

Clark managed to get the fight back in the stand up position and landed a wicked kick. 

He then landed a thunderous knee to Oiler sending him to the canvas. Oiler showed tremendous heart and survived. 

Clark landed several leg kicks which staggered Oiler. He landed another which sent Oiler to the ground. 

Clark landed several strikes and the referee ended the fight as the clock was expiring much to the dismay of Oiler’s corner. 

Official Decision— Josh Clark via TKO due to Strikes 4:59 into the First Round.  That fight should not have ended. Tough call.

Main Event

Amateur Josh Franklin vs. Chris Smith

Super Heavyweight

Two very big guys started the fight very aggressively with each landing a blow to the groin. 

Both were throwing wild punches when Smith finally gains top position. 

Smith wins the first round. 

Second Round

Both fighters looked very tired with little action taking place. 

Smith landed the most shots, and so, wins a very slow second round. 

In between rounds Franklin decided to quit.

That is all from Hardrock MMA in Florence, KY.

Until next time, MMA fans stay out of life’s Triangle Chokes!!!!


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