What's Scarier than a Korean Zombie? Brainless Zombie Judges!

Jung Soo KimCorrespondent IApril 24, 2010

On Saturday, April 24, Korean Featherweight Chan Sung Jung made his debut in the WEC against the always entertaining Leonard Garcia. The two warriors put on a terrific fight; I thought I saw shades of Frye vs. Takayama in this bout, and the ARCO Arena was booming with menergy. 

But what could have been remembered as a great MMA fight was tainted by none other than two idiotic judges, who scored the fight as 29-28 for Garcia. Only one sane judge gave the nod to Jung, scoring it as 29-28.

There have been controversial decisions in the past. MMA is still a relatively young sport and I am well aware that many elements have yet to be adjusted. Bisping versus Hammill was one example. Shogun versus Machida was another. Some thought that BJ Penn won against Frankie Edgar, and for good reason.

But this fight...this was just plain robbery. The Korean Zombie won that fight.

Other than rocking Jung in the second round, the only thing Garcia did was land a few leg-kicks. He also attempted a couple of takedowns with no success. I do vividly remember how for most of the time, he ran away from Jung and then threw the occasional flying knee that never connected. None of his acrobatic cart-wheel kicks affected Jung, but it obviously impressed the heck out of two incompetent judges.

Jung dropped Garcia in the first round, and worked for a body triangle in the second round. During the frantic exchanges it was Jung who slipped in the effective shots that wobbled Garcia and even made his mouthpiece fly away. The pace slowed down noticeably in the third round but it was still Jung who landed the cleaner shots.

The two dumb judges will spew out their excuses, arguing that Garcia was the one who dictated the pace of the fight, and that he was the one who did not seem fatigued near the end of the third round.

Heck, I won't be surprised if the judges based their decisions on how the fighters behaved after the final bell. Garcia put his hands up as if he had just won the lottery; when the camera focused on his jovial face, all I saw were the bruises incurred by Jung's accurate striking.

There are already rumours that Garcia had broken his hand at some point during the fight and that is why he resorted to throwing kicks and knees. Did the judges somehow take that into account and congratulate Garcia for making it out of the third round even with such a devastating injury? Who the hell knows.

More questions for you to think about: Am I overreacting because I am a fellow Korean like Jung? Are Asian fighters regularly screwed by biased judges?

Right from the top of my head I can pick out Gono versus Hardy, but as of this moment I just need to cool my head in a bucket of iced water, for I have just witnessed one of the worst decisions in MMA history.

The Korean Zombie has two losses now; his first decision loss was also controversial, but the second loss is just outrageous. I thought there was only one zombie in the MMA world, but I was mistaken. Beware, people. There are brainless, zombie judges too!