Two Wrestling Companies Tips For Improvement:WWE

Andy The Bad GuyCorrespondent IApril 24, 2010

I'm back with my next article about how WWE and TNA should improve and I'm going to find myself writing a lot of problems that WWE really needs to sort out. First of all I wanna say to WWE that you made a big mistake giving out those pink slips. This is what frustrates me about this company because they release their best talents like this all the time. Why release Mickie James and Shelton Benjamin? She actually made women's wrestling in WWE watchable and entertaining and is one of the finest women's competitors in the world. Shelton. He was one world championship away from a Triple Crown and maybe Grand Slam and his matches were memorable.All of I have to say is WWE you messed up again now watch Mickie and Shelton flourish even more somewhere else. Now to TNA. Most people call this Impact episode the best one ever and I'd have to admit it was a good show. The mistake made was making RVD TNA World Champion. I know I was saying Rob should be used to his full potential and this move could help TNA promote itself to higher levels. But the homegrown talent keeps getting pushed down. AJ made the World Title prestigious and he didn't deserve to lose the title like he did. I think what they should have done was make Rob the number 1 contender and face AJ at Sacrifice and have amazing build to the match and have AJ win to help the homegrown talent's credibility rise up to an extremely high level. Now there's only TNA homegrown champions which are champions and those are Kaz and Rob Terry and one WWE reject as World Tag Champion Matt Morgan and former WWE and ECW mega star RVD. A bit of what WCW did when Hogan came ain't it? Yes, for promotion a face champion is good but the match could have had amazing build up and the match definently would be better if it was a PPV match. Anyway let me focus on WWE'S problems now.

1-Make the right Draft picks this Monday

The Draft always changes the landscape of the WWE and we've seen good draft picks and some which don't make sense.The most sensible picks would be Batista moving to RAW since he hasn't been on SmackDown for nearly 2 months and Randy Orton to SmackDown since there's really no one he hasn't faced on RAW and him on SmackDown could surely do wonders for him. Other picks should move people to brands where they best fit and maybe a shocker draft pick like Undertaker to RAW or something like that. What I'm saying is that the draft should balance the brands evenly  and have everyone in the brand which best suits them.

2-Get a RAW General Manager

Who here can tell me that they love the guest host concept? I certainly don't. We all can see that the reason for these guest hosts is just to promote movies unlike when sports athletes came and made it interesting now it justs puts me off of RAW and whatever stupid actor or movie they're trying to advertise so the best solution is to get a General Manager and stop the crap which we see on the ''flagship'' show.

3-Clear Up The Grand Slam Championship Situation


In case anybody doesn't know what a Grand Slam Championship is let me explain to you what a Grand Slam Championship is and what a Triple Crown Championship is. A Triple Crown Championship is acheived when a wrestler in a company has held a World Championship, Tag Team Championship and the Secondary Championship so for example in WWE Edge is a Triple Crown Champ having held the WWE and World Titles, World Tag and WWE Tag titles and the Intercontinental Title and in TNA Samoa Joe having held the TNA World Heavyweight,Tag Team & X Division titles. And a Grand Slam title is when a wrestler has held a World Title, Tag Team Title and Secondary and a Tertiary Title in their company so for example Jericho has held both WWE and World Titles, both tag team titles, the Intercontinental Championship and the European and Hardcore titles as the tertiary options and Jericho is the only man to have held all the titles eligible for Grand Slam and AJ is TNA's only Grand Slam champion and has held the TNA World Heavyweight, Tag Team, X-Division and Global Championships. Now the problem with Grand Slam in WWE is that they haven't confirmed whether the United States Title and ECW Title are eligible for Grand Slam accomplishments. You might not think it's important but quite a number of WWE superstars can't compete their Grand Slam because of this and I say the best solution is to make the U.S. title eligible as a third belt option and since the WWE devalued the ECW Championship I can't exactly say it will complete WWE's Grand Slam seeing it is the ECW Championship so if the U.S. title becomes a third option then Edge becomes a Grand Slam Champion and it makes the Grand Slam accomplishment more prestigious and more harder to acheive.


4-Add more prestige to the Intercontinental & US Titles

These two championships have not been given enough promotion as they should be since they are the second most prestigious championships on their shows and the WWE should make us believe that by promoting the value and prestige of the title as well as the champions. They've done a good job promoting Miz and McIntyre now its time to make the titles seem nearly as valuable as a World Title just like they were promoted in the 90s and the people who fought over them and in my next tip this is how they do it.

5-Add Main Event guys into the IC and US Title Race

Now hear me out on this one. Remember how valuable these championships were when main event guys weren't going for the World Titles in either WCW or WWE. Remember WCW when guys like Lex Luger and Bret Hart would be in the US title hunt and who remembers the great rivalry Triple H and Jeff Hardy had for the IC title in 2001. This not only raises the prestige of the gold but it helps put midcarders in higher levels to even excel up to main event so mangling up main eventers with no World Title feuds with mid carders in rivalries for these championships will raise their prestige and make us see the top guys in matches for a championship which isn't a World Heavyweight title to add to the excitement.

6-Improve the WWE Divas in wrestling and overall use

I look at TNA's knockouts and they're good enough to close an episode of Impact and have had good matches in the past and I see WWE'S divas and some of them have talent and can be used for feuds and bringing prestige to the championships but they've used for stupid gimmick matches on RAW and clearly a lot of divas on RAW have no direction. SmackDown's actually alright thanks to Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix but overall in both shows the Divas should focus more on wrestling and championship feuds and improving their in ring product rather than being eye candy all the time.

7-Use your talent to their full potential

When I look at the WWE roster and I see the people who they either don't use or put them in useless and terrible storylines it makes me cringe and hope Vince gets seriously physically hurt by someone. Have you seen how much talent there is in the WWE? Why can't they use all of that in the Intercontinental and US title races or even World Title hunts and maybe even develop the tag team division. If they aren't idiots as usual everyone in the WWE can be used every week to their full potential.

8-More Tag Teams Needed

One of the main reasons the WWE became the empire it is today was because of tag team wrestling.Now that they've unified the championships they've been made highly prestigious thanks to teams like Jerishow and ShoMiz but they're very few tag teams in WWE so like I said about using talent to their full potential, SENSIBLE tag teams should be paired together in order to make the tag team division much more exciting as usual.

9-Get Rid Of PG

I tried to resist joining everyone in saying get rid of PG but it's the only option and I'm not saying Attitude Era back I'm saying get rid of the PG rating and make it something like TV-14. Let me tell you why:1- I am not wanting to see people bleed every week lie TNA but when necessary blood is useful. 2- The WWE IS SO BORING! The age restriction can hold back the superstar's ability to get us fired up like how we were until 2008. This rating holds the superstars back and letting them have fun by running loose and have full passion and emotion and maybe even great humor in thieir promos. 3- I grew up watching the WWE and Attitude Era and WCW AND ecw since I was diapers in 1996 right around when the nWo was born. Do you know the real reason why everyone especially your kids audience that you're targeting watches the WWE? To see brutal and amazing matches and to see the WWE stars give it their all and watch them give a 100% every night. Yes, we should blame Vince for this crap product because all these kids want to see blood, sweat and tears. That is why I started watching wrestling and that is why most of us watched wrestling and why kids  want to watch wrestling. For hard hitting entertainment, wrestling & excitement but Vince is holding that back. Even it would make parents not let their kids watch WWE, youth nowadays do much worse stuff than watching wrestling and if PG is gone the more mature audience will return and we all know that the mature audience will pay to watch WWE all the time more likely than kids can convince their parents to so WWE stop this crap once and for all so we can actually enjoy your product and so McMahon you greedy bastard can even make more money.

10-Make Swagger look like a Champion and bring back his arrogant persona

I don't know what's going to happen at Extreme Rules but so far I've been disappointed with how Swagger's been used. You make him lose twice this week and you still expect people to think he can beat Randy with the roll's Orton's on. To be honest the whole Creative Team should be sacked. Most people wanted to see Jack as a main eventer but you killed his substance when you make him this ''serious'' and all business champion unlike the energetic, trash talking, cocky and arrogant superstar we grew to knew. There's one way you idiots at the Creative Team can fix this mistake: Make him dominate most of the match and bring the house down with Randy Orton and have him win the match having it as the last match on the card and bring back his cocky persona and give him at least 7 months as World Heavyweight Champion and then we will accept Jack Swagger for the true main eventer he really can be.

11-Long World Championship Reigns

How many times have the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships changed hands in 2010? 4 times in 4 months. That's a championship change every month and these are World Championships. Look at TNA AJ only lost his championship on Monday after a good 7 month reign. I don't know if you know this but long championship reigns are good for the company. Remember JBL's reign of terror on SmackDown in 2004 and The Age Of Orton from late 2007 to April 2008? Now those were good and entertaining reigns as everybody would be anxious to see a new champion especially if it was a heel. What I'm trying to say is that the World Champions on SmackDown and RAW should have decent length championship reigns and as of this moment Cena and Swagger are the guys to have long championship reigns like it or not.

12-Longer rivalries

Another thing WWE needs is to have long feuds which keep us on the edge of our seats. Whether it's for the World Championship or not we need a long feud and brutal matches to entertain us throughout the years and rivalries always put the superstars on whole other levels and rivalry which can last at last 4 months and at the most a year can truly entertain us and it gives superstars promo time and can add to the  variety of the shows when we watch RAW or SmackDown.

I know I have wasted my time writing this because the WWE are too arrogant and stubborn to listen to theire fans and I know this article is long but if you have read it thank you so much for your time to read my opinion and I believe you deserve to have your voice heard too by commenting on the article on your opinion of what both the WWE and TNA needs to do.

Thanks for reading and take care.