Stay On Track: Cutaway Clips

Andy BernsteinCorrespondent IApril 24, 2010

Bit of a deviation, in that this is a "small picture" idea but one that I'd start moving on today.

During the Versus broadcast of the Long Beach Grand Prix, Jack Arute didn't have much to deal with when attempting to point out technical features onscreen.

Here's a good way to handle that in the future, without having an actual car as a demonstrator:

Vision racing is currently off track, preparing for the Indianapolis 500. They could invite a Versus crew to film some footage of a Dallara being race prepped: detailed shots like the gear stack pictured above, suspension views, the crew installing an engine, etc.

That gives Arute a library of clips to use as reference if he wants to explain a specific area during a broadcast. In the example above, he could freeze the film clip and use a telestrator to point out a dog ring, for instance.

That gives all the viewers a better understanding of technical aspects of the Dallara/Honda by making the reports more informative.

It doesn't hurt Vision Racing to keep their name in all the Versus broadcasts, when Jackaroo says, "Let's go to the Vision Cutaway Clips to show you what I mean."

There aren't that many secrets to protect on a Dallara/Honda, and we don't have to see the bump rubber setup to limit front sway bar rotation if you don't want to show us.

But many details of the current IndyCar should be available to share as common knowledge, and it would be of interest to some viewers to be able to clearly demonstrate them.

The way it was attempted on the LBGP telecast is something that needs to be fixed.

Now is as good a time to get that job done, or as soon as Vision Racing moves into their garage at Indianapolis to prepare for the 500.

Stay tuned, we'll get back to more big picture ideas in the next clip from "Stay On Track."

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