WWE Releases Seven Superstars: Is Santino Marella Next?

Ellixs TulaganContributor IApril 24, 2010

As you probably know by now, the WWE chose to release seven superstars, including Shelton Benjamin, Mickie James, and Katie Lea Burchill. Now instead of writing my opinion about that, I have decided to focus on who WWE plans to release next. 

Santino Marella. It's amazing to see how low this man has sunk from where once was.

If you asked me two years ago who the WWE's fastest rising star, I would have quickly said Santino Marella.

I mean he quickly became a two-time Intercontinental Champion and was currently feuding with Carlito (Is he next?) against Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes but soon he went downhill faster than Speedy Gonzales.

It was Wrestlemania's 25th Year and we were supposed to have a fantastic 25-Diva Battle Royal for the 'Miss Wrestlemania', but instead we started seeing the first mockery of women's wrestling with the debut of Santina, the eventual winner of the royal.

Santina then had arguably the most worst feud of the year against Vickie Guerrero when s(he) faced her along with Chavo Guerrero in a Hog Pen match at Extreme Rules.

Thank God Donald Trump ended that story line shortly after.

2010 has been slightly better for Santino.

He may have been in a meaningless feud with Jack Swagger and backstage spots with the Raw guest hosts, he has shown some slight improvement in his mic work, and even his in-ring work.

When Santino is eventually released, I don't think he'll go to TNA. He will likely have success in the Indy circuit or even possibly MMA.

To see a recent interview and how Santino feels about his career, click here .