Brett Favre: Stop Playing the Victim

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IJuly 16, 2008

The Packers are caught between a rock and a hard place.  Packer fans say that this is Brett Favre and he is your best chance to win. 


But look at it this way.  When someone quits their job, the company gets someone to take over.  And then three months later if that person wants to come back, you can’t just oust the person who’s taken over. 


Favre is doing some great acting and PR by claiming that he has not wanted to return.  Come on!  He’s just trying to manipulate the media in his favor to get a starting position somewhere else and make the Packers look bad. 


I never knew Favre had this much of an ego.  Seems to me he wants to step away, but doesn’t want to leave. 


I think he’s insecure about the possibility of the Packers winning without him.  Look what happened to Tiki Barber, whose legacy in New York will be never be the same.


Favre usually makes his decision in about late April.  This time, he made his decision in early March. 


Previously, Favre said that he would be coming back. 


Then, about a month and a half later, he changed his mind.  A company cannot be run on whims.  A man cannot just change his mind months later and expect everything to be the same again. 


Basically, the only way the Packers can overcome this is to at least get to the Super Bowl.  Anything less will be considered a failure. 


Favre should not be allowed back in Green Bay.  When you quit something, you’re done.  You’ve quit. 


What would be funny is if a team signs/trades for Favre, then he says, “Just kidding.” 


I think the place for him would be the Jets.  They have a much-improved offensive line and no solid quarterback leadership.  Pennington has proven to be inconsistent, and Clemens still needs some time. 


And we all know Clemens can learn more from Favre.  The only area where Pennington can give Clemens better advice than Favre is the right places to rehab your injuries. 


And for the Jets, it would be a good way to jump-start their team.  After all, they are a little overshadowed by their stadium mates Giants, who recently won a Super Bowl, while the Jets are coming up on the 40th anniversary of their only Super Bowl win. 


And with a fairly weak AFC East, the Jets might be the sleeper.  And this would be a good year to go for it seeing how the Jets are good every other year.  If nothing else, getting Favre would definitely attract more camaraderie than what’s been seen in gang green for a while.


There’s only one thing certain.  And that’s that we can forget about the whole Brett Favre jersey retirement ceremony on Monday Night Football. 


That, and never having to see that commercial with Brett Favre saying “After 17 years, it’s time for me to say hello” in the ad that says something about hello meaning goodbye. 


Who knows?  Maybe Favre was rehearsing for this commercial gig in March, and didn’t really mean to retire.