EXTREME (ly) Poor Buildup!!

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IApril 23, 2010

I don't know if I am the only one, but I must say I feel absolutely no hype for the coming WWE pay-per-view.  After Wrestlemania, I should be extremely excited about the next PPV, but no; zero interest.

Of course we could blame the volcano that made Raw a Smackdown show.  The WWE could not buckle up the Raw showdown leading to Extreme Rules and it might have screwed up the creative team who could not come with an interesting alternative buildup.

However, even with a regular Monday Night Raw, there would still not be a lot of hype.

The most disappointing storyline is the one leading to the World Heavyweight Championship match between Randy Orton and Jack Swagger.  The Champion is not looking very strong after his two losses this week; it's one thing to lose against The Undertaker, it's almost normal; but to lose against John Morrison who was going nowhere is lame.  

After winning against two icons last week in a championship triple threat match, Swagger seemed to be on the good way and to have shown he was a credible champion.  So, I wonder why two losses in a row.

In addition, we have seen no memorable promos between Orton and Swagger.  In fact, their match is coming out of nowhere; what has Orton done to deserve a title match anyway?  

With the no contest between Edge and Y2J in the match to determine the number one contender, it would have been normal to see both of them in a triple threat battler... at Extreme Rules, not on Smackdown as we have seen.

At least, it won't be hard for Orton and Swagger to meet the expectations because there are no expectations.

Even the Edge vs. Jericho buildup is not interesting as it should be.  There's no ''IT'' factor as it should be between two wrestlers of their status.  With no title on the line, there's something missing.

They both deserve to be again in a championship match after Wrestlemania and, in fact, the ideal scenario would be Edge as the new champion facing Y2J who would use his rematch clause.  Fortunately, they will deliver in their match as they always do, but the mega hype is just not here.

Triple H vs. Shaemus.  I don't wanna sound too negative, but all I have to say is yaaaawwwnnnn...!  Borefest in sight.

There's also a Divas match, as well out from nowhere.  Beth Phoenix will face Michelle McCool in an Extreme Makeover match.  What?  Can anyone tell me what is an Extreme Makeover match? {Winner gets to smear the loser with makeup - ED.}

Oh!  And there's the strap match between the new enemies JTG and Shad.  That angle leading to Extreme Rules has been built so fast that I feel more interest in the Divas match.

Fortunately, there's the showdown between Punk and Mysterio that still kind of fresh and interesting.  I tried to be positive, but here I come again with a negative point : In what their match is extreme?  

Punk will have to shave his head if he loses and I don't dislike the stipulation; an extreme rule is now just missing.  Hopefully the creative team will come with a ladder or a stretcher match, or anything else with the Straightedge disciples locked somewhere.

Finally, and surprisingly, the most interesting feud is the one involving none other than Batista and Cena.  I know how the Internet Wrestling Community despise both of them and I am not a big fan, but I actually enjoyed their continuing storyline.  

Despite they didn't add oil on the fire of their rivalry on Raw, the expectations are still high.  They might be involved is a long lasting feud and why not the ''feud of the year'' if they can increase their level of intensity.

With all that being said, with the low overall expectations leading to Extreme Rules, the show might turn into a nice surprise.  I only hope it's not a new WWE commercial strategy to make sure they won't disappoint the fans.  

That way, they are sure the fans won't be disappointed if they don't have high expectations.  Now, let's see how it will turn out...